Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Hey, I went-a-felting!

And these are the results. The Silk Garden and 220 sword bag felted okay. I think it shrunk a little more than a third in length: maybe 40 percent or so. I really like how the 220 looks. It's nice and soft with the Silk Garden, though. I was quite worried about it felting down to small, that it wouldn't be long enogh for the sword. Now I think that it's not wide enough. Oy, I feel stupid. It was going to be a gift. No I might use it for sticks instead.

One thing I would like to add here is a laundry list of things that one should bring to the laundry mat to do their felting:

1. a bucket to hold your project if you want to take it out before the spin cycle etc. It will make a wet mess everywhere otherwise and you need to support all that wet stitchery.

2. a bunch of yarn scraps to use to fix any holes that may develop during felting. This seemed to happen more when I used lots of different colors in a work and with tweedy yarns. hmmmm....

3. other laundry to do while felting for the second or third time. And hefty items to add to your felting load.

4. another project to felt in the same washer. It really is not economical to felt items seperately.

I guess that's enough for now.....

Okay the second item I felted, the vintage bubble bag, was pretty much done on the first wash and spin. Lamb's Pride felts very well. I knit it with 13's and one strand of worsted. It shrunk down so small. It's a mini bubble bag. I love its smallness. I really wanted to make some flowers for decoration ala trellis bag in Vogue, but I haven't found the right color for it yet.

It's so teeny and cute :)

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