Monday, January 22, 2007

Monday is Meme Day

Deee-lovely Holly over at Hollyarns tagged me the other day with the 5 Little-Known Things About Me Meme.

5 Things You Probably Didn't Know about Me

Hinge of a fold I collected in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico.1. I never dot my i's when writing in cursive.

2. I have a rock collection, mostly ones that I have collected.

3. I have a certain set of books that I reread most every year: Emma, Pride and Prejudice, Enders Game, Harry Potter 1 and 4, Far from the Madding Crowd, Jude the Obscure, Return of the Native, The Desert Smells Like Rain, Red Mars, Neuromancer, All Quiet on the Western Front, Animal Dreams.

Fingerless mitts from Weekend Knitting4. I own more than 10 coats.

5. Out of all the patterns in all the knitting books I own, I have only knit one pair of fingerless mitts. (Well, I knitted a kitty hat from the original S'N B, but my gauge was totally different and so I had to completely redo the pattern. So I don't think this counts.)

Who should I tag? Well if you want to participate, then consider yourself it!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Dove Bar Wisdom

Lately there seems to be a running theme in my life: the idea of presence. It's manifest itself in a couple of ways (you know if you've read my blog entries recently), but the most recent was from the wrapper of a Dove chocolate piece that one of the barristas randomly gave me at the coffee shop during last week's Stitch'N Bitch:

Your presence is often the best present.

How crazy is that? But it came at a time when I was kind of wondering about something and acted as a sort of reinforcement; a little present from the universe at large (if you believe in that kind of thing).

And speaking of Stitch'N Bitch, one of our lovely members has been bringing along her holiday presents for the benefit of all the group:

This action shot depicts 667 yards of fingering weight merino/silk being wound for me! Yes!!!!

What shall it be? I want it to be something lacey, but hadn't really given it serious thought because the thought of winding it made me shudder. I'd like to make a shawl, but don't quite have enough yardage. I Do have more than enough for a shawlette, like the swallowtail that everyone has knit. But, I'm a little reluctant because the whole set up of the shawl is almost exactly that of the flower basket shawl that I already knit. Maybe I should head off and do something a bit different. Hmmm...

And speaking of heading off and doing something different, I start my first day of school tomorrow; well only one class. It's not the grad program that I am applying to, but it's one of the prerequisites I should take, a developmental psychology class dealing with infants and children.

And it was just so cool to suddenly remember that I was going to need a notebook. And then to remember that I should really find a binder. And then that I would need a book bag and a nice pen to boot! Oh - and that I should really look up what room it was going to be held in and directions to the place, and what book I would need - and you can see I have forgotten a little bit about being a student. ;-)

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Where did the year of the sweater go?

Happy New Year to all y'all!

I'm betting that most bloggers have already done some sort of review of the year by now. I've been hedging a little bit on this one. I didn't get a lot of knitting done in 2006. And much of the year was filled with strife, hurt and difficulty for me. So I am really not going go over it again. Except I want say that many of you in blogland and the knitworld have been great friends and sources of light for me. I can't thank you enough.

And there have been some wonderful friends here in Ithaca as well. You know who you are. Thanks for the hugs and calls and all the moral support.

Good bye, 2006!

So the plan for this year: things are going to get better in 2007 (repeat to self 100 times daily for month of January).

No, it's true: things are looking up. For one, I had a great interview for graduate school before leaving for Atlanta. Most likely you'll find me back in school come the Fall of 2007. Second, I should be having my first fight this February. (I think it's the real deal this time!). Third, I'm working on getting a better morning job so I can get to a better place financially and mentally. And last, I plan to take a class this Spring at the local community college.

I'm also heading into 2007 armed with much more knowledge and experience on some fronts. I have a goal (be a first grade teacher), I have a path to reach that goal (It's been started already!), I have more relationship experience (2, maybe 3 have ended this year), I am more myself than I have been for years (And I know it), I like myself (It's been a long journey but it's true), and I have more peace (Actually I've had enough to share lately).

One of the greatest gifts that has been given to me this year is the idea of enjoying the moment. I want to feel and experience all the beauty that I can, feel it all. It's dangerous but worth it because I will always have those wonderful memories. No one can take away the world's best tasting pancakes that I made with a friend this summer. No one can take away the fun times in Atlanta that I had recently. These are mine forever.

I think that if I can keep on feeling life deeply then it may just open me up to more, perhaps even more profound feelings, in the future.

But anyway, this is a knitblog....

Knitwise, I don't want to put any pressure on myself. I just want to finish the projects I have laying around and use my wonderful One Skein yarns that Annie sent. Maybe a shawl. That's the whole plan and that's enough, I think.

But I can't really knit at the moment. I've hurt my hand again, different knuckle this time. It happened eventhough I was wearing my wraps, 3 sponges for padding and my gloves. Coach says I'm just hitting really had and we'll have to rest it for a while.