Monday, May 29, 2006

Cashmere Crocheted Casual/Underscarf Scarf

Crocheted ScarfI made this little scarf lickety-split last weekend. It's left over fingering weight cashmere in Nutmeg that I got from Colourmart Cashmere. Some people haven't like their yarn, but I have to say that it softens and fluffs up beautifully when washed. I mean, I crocheted this on a USK hook. The bloom is incredible. People who use cashmere frequently also claim that you can put it in the washer (maybe dryer, too)!

Cashere Scarf Close-up

If you are interested, the formula for this scarf goes like this: Chain 130, SC 8 rows or caston with the SC foundation and SC 7 rows. The border is made by chaining 5 stitches and SC into second stitch all the way around the edge of scarf. Weave in ends. Tada!

If you use a yarn that will not bloom like this, it will look much lacier.

Warning: Don't read the following if my personal entries have been TMI lately for you.

Soap opera time: Faux-SO is coming back from his trip sooner because he wants to help me get everything settled. When I first found out about everything I freaked out and asked him to do this, but he thought it was a stupid idea. Now he thinks he should because he feels so bad. He's a rogue and he knows it.

It's troublesome because it's been difficult contacting people about rentals with the holiday weekend and all. The perfect scenario would be me finding a place and moving out the day he comes back. Otherwise, it will be really uncomfortable staying in the same house as he and if he is staying with his real-girlfriend and I have to be in contact with him I might spontaneously combust. Aye, yaye, yaye! I'm over him but that's too much too soon.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

My Life As A Soap Opera, Part IV

Several things have happened this week to make my life exceedingly painful and yet better in the long run.

*I found out that Faux-SO has been having an affair with a woman that he worked with for at least 6 months.*

I'm not going to detail it all here, but let me just tell you, he is a Dog. Everything that has been coming out of his mouth for the last who-knows-how-long has been a lie. (yet another big fat liar in my life)

So many things make sense now.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

FO: Cable Top Buttonhole Bag

Project spectrumI am glad to finally have a new FO to post about. It's my cable top buttonhole bag for Project Spectrum April.

Cable Top Buttonhole Bag

Yarn: Plymouth Galway (3 skeins), scraps of accent yarn
Needles: US 10.5 24 inch circular
Pattern: Original

I had a vision of this bag in my mind as I was knitting it and it did't quite pan out the way I had hoped (hmm it looks a lot like the before picture!), but that's the fun of felting (especially untested patterns). I'm quite suprised really, I thought the cable top was going to shrink a lot more given the orientation of the stitches. Anyway, this experiement has given me the material to make a better bag pattern for the next one.

One of the things that you rarely here of when felting, especially bags, is the problem of the fabric felting too fast. I usually expect to run two complete washes with every project, but when I pulled this little bag out of the cold rinse it had already felted *too* much. Incredible. I've felted with Galway before and new it was a Champion Felter, but this was ridiculous. The second problem was uneven felting. I fixed this as best as I could during blocking. The third little irritation is the flaring about the buttonhole. My caston was too stretchy there and I knew it. So I SCed around it to tighten it up but it wasn't enough really.

Anyway, I think the next iteration of this bag will have two cables at the top with the buttonhole between them. This will ameliorate the flaring issue. There will be more crocheted accents on the body fabric, as well as some different shaping to get the effect that I am looking for.

Isn't the Kitty button cute? It's hand carved from applewood by a local artisan.

May is Green

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Presents, projects and prospects

Okay so with Faux-SO gone to Italy and me being on vacation with no where to go to, I have been getting a lot of stuff done. I crossed off every bullet on my weekly todo list this Wednesday, and I have been knitting quite a bit.

One of the chores I got done was sending off something quite overdue.


So I showed you this little guy in the last post, but what I didn't tell you (and what I hate to admit) is that this scarf is a Christmas present. I couldn't get the yarn for it until April. I crocheted it up lickety split, but it's still getting sent out in May. Lucky for me I had a card I made lying around that matched perfectly. Spring, yet somber. It has that congragilartory yet too bad it's so darn late aire about it. There's one benefit of making a living doing arts and crafts ;-)

Project Spectrum Bag

Basically this bag has been done for a week, but I didn't quite know how to end it. Well last night after sn'b, the ending came to me. And voila!

I felted it today, but will comment on it a little later. There have been some "complications."


I am in the One Skein Exchange. This is where you send your secret pal one skein of yarn in June and July and in August you send an item that you knitted from one skein of yarn. This is my skein for the knitted item. It's a glorious teal, a peacock to die for, an ultralovely blue-green dream. And as soon as I saw it, I had a vision of what it will be. There is a lovely lace that will show off this yarn, but I have it as a shawl pattern. And this yarn needs to be a lovely, long, lace scarf.

No problem, right, I should be able to just look at the repeat and go for it. I've already sat at my computer for a good hour staring at the chart trying to suss this puppy out. Why is figuring this repeat out so difficult? I don't know. It will be worth it though.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Back to knitting....

Schaefer Kathleen yarn. I love this colorway Is this or is this not the biggest ball of yarn that you've ever laid eyes upon? Okay, you might have seen larger, but I certainly haven't. It's quite a glorious bit of yarnage if I must say so. It's a bit of Schaefer heaven chiamata Kathleen and it's so nice and spongy, soft. The colors are fabulous, too eventhough it's not showing up well in this picture. And the smell of it is unique. It smells a little vinegary or something to that effect, but it's really pleasant as it's an actual smell that I associate with one of my LYSs.

Really I shouldn't be buying new yarns, especially not for felting (I am still working on that Very Large Bag and another one, too. I'm ridiculous, aren't I?). I mean I need to be saving money for moving and living on my own. But I bought this lovely yarn for a knitting exchange that I am in. It's the Tote Exchange, brought to us by the people who did the international scarf exchange this past winter. And if you saw the results of that, I think you would have joined as well. Just gorgeous items were exchanged.

The circular felted tote that I am knitting is the one on the rightAnyway, I was going to make a really cute bag called the B4 Bag. (Isn't it fun?) But while I was in my LYS I saw the Felted Circular Tote (from Knit'N Style Feb 2006) hanging there in all it's glory. I remember almost buying this mag when it came out because that pattern was so cool. Anyway, my LYS provided me with the pattern and now I am starting this lovely piece of work. I'm really choosing sophisticated over fun here with this pattern and I hope that's going to be okay with my partner.

It's actually a bit of a challenge as there is something wrong with the directions and there is no errata posted for this pattern. Moreover, I haven't seen many knitted up on the web (actually none when I googled it). It's a cool pattern, though. It's all about the short rows. You knit up both halves of the purse, then join them together as you knit an i-cord around. How cool is that?

Now I just need to find a lovely button. I am thinking about something from Teyani's site. I love the Raku buttons, especially the extra large Ginkgo. But then again, I am a gingko fanatic. What do you think? The pine rose is lovely and so is the Kiss. Ah, decisions.

Your Basic Twirly Whirly in Baby Alpaca Grande. So soft!Much girlier version. This little scarf has a frily edge. It's merino/alpaca.You know I was moping around, thinking that although I have been doing a ton of knitting, that I hadn't really completed anything in what felt like months. Well I was wrong. I totally forgot about the two twirly whirly scarves that I crocheted. The basic black one on the left is crocheted from Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande and is soft like no other yarn save cashmere could ever hope to be. It's gift for someone in my family. The one on the right was also supposed to be for that same person. I bought the suri merino yarn as a substitue for the baby alpaca grande because my LYS was all out. Of course, as soon as I was almost finished with the frilly one, they get the Baby back in stock. So now I don't know what to do with it exactly.

project spectrum bagSo like I said, I have been knitting a lot. I think pretty soon you are going to see a slew of FO's batted in. I mean, look how close I am to finishing this bag! I just need to decide how I want to finish it, do a little crocheting, buy some beads and toss it in the washer.

I guess I am a little behind as this is my Project Spectrum bag for April! :doh!:

My new sock designAnd I also started some socks with the yarn that I dyed. I think they look pretty snazzy. What do you think? I wanted to use a pattern that highlighted their self-stipingness. I could have done Jaywalkers, I suppose, but I think this works pretty well, too. I just need to decide what sort of heel to put on this guy. I'm tempted to go short row as I would like to practice that one.

And I wanted to say thanks to everyone that has been sending me kind thoughts and energy. It was really appreciated. I am trying to get back in the saddle, but I seem to keep tripping just as I put my foot into the stirrup. My faux-SO hasn't been fairing too well either. Not sleeping, not eating. He feels all alone. So he up and decided to catch a plane to Italy tomorrow so that he can do some thinking in peace. I hope he gets some, but I don't think it helps me at all. It's just prolonging the breakup. Ah, that's life I guess.

I also wanted to say that I am sorry to have been MIA on y'alls blogs lately. I haven't been able to concentrate very well. So I have a lot of blog reading to catch up on. I'll be seeing you soon.