Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Confessions of loving cat owner

Gunter I love my little cat Gunter, but sometimes I feel like he puts too much pressure on me. You see he's not an ordinary cat, but I suppose most people might say that about their pets. The thing that sets him apart from other cats is his utter devotion to me. He's really quite more like a dog: he follows me around, waits for me by the door, sits by my feet, etc.

The thing that has really been getting to me lately is that almost no matter what I am doing he always there just staring at me waiting for me to look at him. It's kind of creepy and it's a heavy burden know that his world really revolves around me. That he's just there waiting. Like right now if I look down he's going to be there looking at me.


TeenyIt's lovely that we've bonded so, but, correct me if I am wrong, don't cats normally have a lot more going on in their inner lives? They're investigating, hiding, lording around the house. My other baby cat, Teeny seems to keep herself more than occupied: she creeps, she sleeps, she knocks things over. Gunter, He's just waiting, lurking, hoping..... Well...... he is a cat afterall so sometimes he forgets that he's waiting and falls asleep. But he's there. I just don't want to disappoint him, but I can't pay attention to him all the time.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Panta of a different sort

It's for my sister-in-law. I hope it sews up nicely.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Autumn Pencil Roving

Yesterday my mother's christmas gift arrived. I wanted to get some fiber for her to spin. She recently bought a drop spindle and has been itching to get started. Teyani at Crown Mountain Farms suggested pencil rovings as an easy starter fiber. So I chose a nice colorway that she dyed herself. It's called autumn and as you can see it's aptly named not to mention gorgeous.

What amazing service - they shipped it the day I ordered it and it came right away even with the Thanksgiving holiday. It's really soft and light, not scratchy at all. The thing that I really like about this gift is that if my mom decides that spinning is not for her, she can use the roving to knit with. There are some great felted items on the Crown Maountain site made from this roving.

There hasn't been much kung fu this week as my teacher has been out of town and classes have been cancelled for the holiday. It's a good thing since I have been sick and my body needed some recovery time. Tomorrow there will be sparring. But if it's anything like last week, I will need more recovery time.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Scarf-a-liscious Ithaca

I was picking a couple of things up in Wegmans yesterday. It was packed with people doing holiday shopping. I think it could have been a little bit stressful, but I was walking around smiling because of all the beautiful handmade scarves people were wearing. Some were simple. Some very well worn. But they all were quite lovely. It's nice to see such a local display of skill.

I had been working all day with a plugged up head and scratchy throat, but by the time I got home I realized that I was really going to get sick. So eventhough I was feeling like crap I went to the Ithaca St'n Bitch. There was one other person there already. We knitted the night away. I was working on Christmas scarves and my KR gift elf present. By the time I got home I rally needed some nyquil, but opened a bottle of wine instead. I had to prepare stuffing for today.

Anyway, I feel terrible today. By the time I got the turkey in the oven and the stuffing in pans, I couldn't really taste anything and I had the chills.

Did I also mention that I trekked out to the store today? I had to clear off 2 inches of snow from my car. Hooray for snow tires!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Now you see it. Now you don't.

Wow it's hard to put in a "life line" for frogging on short rows.

Thursday, November 17, 2005


I finished the collar for Eris a couple of days ago. I would be excited, but I am seriously contemplating frogging the left side of the collar again. The row gauge is fine for both sides. It's the knitting that's bothering me still.The first side I knit is a lot looser and rowed-out looking. I think I am going to contemplate this over the coming weekend and see how I feel.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Ithaca Stitch'N Bitch Rocks!

There are some really great people coming to the S'n B lately. One of them likes to 3-d knit. She's made some cool things, and about the coolest so far was her ammonite.

Actually, I think she has a sea creature collection. I hope she submits them to Knitty because there is no way the patterns for these creatures wouldn't be just snapped up.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Immediate Gratification

I went to my LYS the other day looking for instant gratification. I wanted a nice skein of yarn that I could knit into a panta and wrist warmers that would look good on me. I did find that skein, but I found something else as well. Somehow I managed to walk out of the store with a $20 hank of sock yarn. Not that I don't have 3 unused skeins already.

See the thing is that My LYSO had talked up Mountain Colors Bearfoot to me before: It's the softest, it's got the best colorways, it's just plain fabulous, your fingers are not going to believe it. Blah, blah, blah. And back in June she told me that she sent in an order and that she should have it soon. I kept on checking and checking, but it never showed up. Well she finally got that order. The UPS man delivered it right when I got into the shop and she opened the box for another customer that was sock yarn shopping. That was my downfall. All the beautiful yarn!

mountain colors bearfoot in Juniper.
OMG! It is the softest sock yarn evah. It's got 15% mohair (I think) so I am a little afraid on the yarn getting fuzzy, but I am in love with it: the colors, the feel,future sock it will be . I just wish it weren't so expensive.

Speaking of socks, I have had visions of sock designs in my head lately. Mostly they involve both color and texture, cables and traveling lines. I bought 5 skeins of Lambs Pride Naturespun sport super wash for this project. If I have my way with these socks, they will be very interesting indeed. What I need to do now is sit down and chart these puppies out. I can only do K2 P2 fair isle ribbing for so long. blech!

Notice that I made a boo boo knitting these. I have been two handing it: knit=English and purl=continental. The stranding that this brings about has been pushing out the purl stitches. I'd rather the knit stitches be emphasized so the last row I changed to continental knits and english purls. We'll see how this pans out.

And last but not least, my BF's mom sent me a nice knit bag the other day. It's simple, plain and super soft. (25% alpaca). It's got to be partially handknit as the inside bottom seam is a three needle bindoff. I used to play a lot of soccer (football/calcio) and she knows that I like Roba di Kappa stuff so almost every package she sends contains some Kappa item (She's in Italy). But I think that this is my favorite Kappa bag. I wish we were living in Italy, too.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Martial Arts Rule the Week

I have been sucked big time into martial arts lately. So much so that I have kind of ignored this blog and I even haven't been reading KR (that's saying something). It's all the fault of the UFC and the reality tv show The Ulitmate Fighter. (also here). The guys on this show and in the UFC have so much skill and talent. They train in so many different martial arts that it's amazing.

I never used to like boxing or fighting. In fact, I thought it was rather barbaric. I think part of my thinking was due to how my body reacted to this kind of stimulus. My pulse would rise and I could feel the adrenalin start to flow. It's a primal reaction beyond your control. I didn't really like that.

I enjoy that now. By doing so much kung fu I have slowly acclimated myself to the idea of fighting. At first I didn't understand how much was involved with mixed martial arts (mma): how difficult it is, how demanding on the body and mind. I didn't get it until I tried it. It's not just some bohunks out for blood. In my own experience, sparring is hard, challenging and fun. And watching professionals is awesome.

Anyway, November is birthday month. My mom is a knitter and I have been buying fabulous yarns from KR stash sales for her in anticipation of this. Yesterday I sent her 2 skeins of Cherry Tree Hill glitter alpaca, about 440 yards of it. I think it's enough to make a Flower Basket shawl so I sent her that pattern as well. The other yarn I sent is Koigu PPM. I think these will make lovely socks. I sent her an hourglass heel pattern for these as I know she has never tried this technique before.

For my dad's partner with the unusually large head I sent a black, alpaca, 2x2 ribbed hat. It's completely big head proof. This hat will fit anyone. And it's so soft. I absolutely love this yarn. I would die for a sweater in it. I'll have to save my pennies for that though.