Friday, November 30, 2007

Far away...

Censored by email

Not even a phonecall
not one word spoken
yet those words still hang in the air.

.....the girl you will always physically adore.
(not more)

It was everything else that mattered.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

After a very long break, I have some knitting to share with the world. I made this scarf for my father. He lost the cashmere one I made for him a Christmas ago and wanted a replacement. I kept the same color scheme. Brown goes with both black and navy blue and this is important as my father is a very "Brooks Brothers" sort of fellow.

Orginally I wanted to make the phyllotaxis scarf from Knitting Nature, but it just didn't knit up quite right. I figured you really can't go wrong with basket weave for a guy, so I settled on that. My dad is a big guy and likes a long scarf so even though I bought 600 yards of natural, unbranded, alpaca yarn I still needed more hence the different colored ends. I was so lucky to find a great match in merino.

The next picture is a close up.

Life is so much different than in May, the date of my last posting. I'm in grad school for a masters in teaching. I enjoy my program for the most part and am learning a lot, but I am tres busy. I also have a long commute three days per week. I wish I were riding the bus instead of driving. I would get so much knitting done. And it would be a good way to relax.

Life is so much fuller in some ways with endless papers and lesson plan, but also so much emptier.

On a lighter note I saw the most amazing concert recently: Vieux Farke Toure and Tinariwen. Both bands were incredible live: jamming, rythmic, melodic. A totally different sound than I had ever heard before, yet completely appealing and left me feeling joyful.

Check out this clip: