Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Last Skein

As I mentioned earlier, I owe several exchange posts to partners. One is Annie over at Knittibell. She was a great secret pal and I appreciate all the thought and effort that went into her packages.

So colorful!

And can you believe it? Knitting Nature! This is one of the most awesome books I have seen in a while. And look at the little black sheep tape measure

Here is the one skein item: a pair of fingerless mitts made from Artfibers Kurasawa and a leftover skein! The pattern is from Knitty. Aren't they lovely? The yarn is so soft,too.

And look how well they fit! I wear them almost everyday now that it is cooler. Thanks so much, Annie!

She also sent me an extra skein of kidsilk haze! How cool is that?

Wish me luck today. I have an interview for a grad school program I'd like to get into and then I am off on vacation, my first in 11 months!


Cayli said...

Good Luck on the interview. (fingers crossed) I love those mitts.

Teej said...

I hope you rock your interview!

I wear my fingerless mitts all the time now, too.. they're so nice for a quick job across campus and they also work well for driving when the steering wheel is cold but the ambient air temp is tolerable.

AR said...

Nice! Good luck to ya!!

Holly of HollYarns said...

Super-duper, uber great luck on acing your interview for the grad school program. Glad to hear from you again! I miss your posts. And such pretty fingerless gloves--lucky you!

Aprilynne said...

hope you did, or will do, great on your interview =)*)

great secret pall stuff too - yaay

Annie said...

I'm so glad they fit!! I have sort of small and wide hands, and I was worried that they'd be wonky from using myself as a model when making them!! You were such a great first SP to have!! And GOOD LUCK!!!

kristinknits said...

Have an awesome vacation!!!!!!!!!