Saturday, November 24, 2007

After a very long break, I have some knitting to share with the world. I made this scarf for my father. He lost the cashmere one I made for him a Christmas ago and wanted a replacement. I kept the same color scheme. Brown goes with both black and navy blue and this is important as my father is a very "Brooks Brothers" sort of fellow.

Orginally I wanted to make the phyllotaxis scarf from Knitting Nature, but it just didn't knit up quite right. I figured you really can't go wrong with basket weave for a guy, so I settled on that. My dad is a big guy and likes a long scarf so even though I bought 600 yards of natural, unbranded, alpaca yarn I still needed more hence the different colored ends. I was so lucky to find a great match in merino.

The next picture is a close up.

Life is so much different than in May, the date of my last posting. I'm in grad school for a masters in teaching. I enjoy my program for the most part and am learning a lot, but I am tres busy. I also have a long commute three days per week. I wish I were riding the bus instead of driving. I would get so much knitting done. And it would be a good way to relax.

Life is so much fuller in some ways with endless papers and lesson plan, but also so much emptier.

On a lighter note I saw the most amazing concert recently: Vieux Farke Toure and Tinariwen. Both bands were incredible live: jamming, rythmic, melodic. A totally different sound than I had ever heard before, yet completely appealing and left me feeling joyful.

Check out this clip:


Bev said...

I'm glad you're keeping busy and it sounds like you're doing well. Maybe you need podcasts for the drive to keep you in a knitting frame of mind. Nice scarf for your dad!

Cayli said...

I have missed you! It is so nice to see you back and I am glad you are enjoying school. Take care.

The scarf for your Dad is a great choice. It looks very Brooks Brothers!

JustApril said...

The scarf is SO purty =) Thanks for sharing your jammin clip, it was awesome. I'm SO glad to see a post from you, it's good to know you are doing well. Missed ya!

Momo said...

Thanks, gals. I appreciate it. :-)

Holly of HollYarns said...

Glad your back! I've missed you!