Monday, December 29, 2008

Cloches are Cool.

Since graduating this December I have had time to think about knitting again. While I was waiting to get my car towed in the middle of a snow storm I took shelter in a yarn store (was that lucky or what?). I was tempted into buying Boutique Knitting by Laura Irwin because of the photo on the front cover. I love cloche hats and I have always wanted to knit one. When I saw this book I knew I wanted to knit this one.

PhotobucketI chose some random black yarn from scraps at home (Plymouth baby alpaca) and cast on. While I was knitting the ruffled band I also had a vision of hearts for this hat. So I found some Noro Kojaku that I was gifted a while ago and it seemed suitable. The result is a faux isle rainbow heart cloche.

It looks better on. Front:


Other side:

With the black yarn it's hard to see the ribbing on the band especially the top-most rib. It just melts in, but I suppose that's one of the hazards of using black yarn in an area that is supposed to show texture. Or maybe it has to do with the way I am wearing it.


cayli said...

Congrats on graduating!

The hat looks great on and off. But you are right it is better on.

Momo said...

Thanks Cayli!

Salty Miss Jill said...

Maybe it's because you are FABULOUS.
Mazel tov on graduating!
Hope to see you soon...xoxoxoxoxoxo

Momo said...

Yes! Let's get together :-)

Latoya said...

I think it looks great! You look good in it, too with your sunglasses.

Knit on!

Holly of HollYarns said...

Looks wonderful! I am so jealous--I wear hats like that a lot and can't seem to make the sunglasses look so good like yours do!

Thanks for the encouragement re the thesis. Congrats on your graduating!

kristinknits said...

Very cute hat ... and welcome back to the blog! : )

JustApril said...

Congrats on graduating! =) The hat is faboooo, I love the hearts, very very pretty.

Miri Mack said...

Thanks, gals!