Saturday, January 07, 2012

Orange Bandana Cowl

I saw this Bandana Cowl Pattern On Ravelry and thought it would be an excellent accessory. At first glance it seems like it might be a boring knit, but there's a ton of short rows hidden in this cowl. I've been wanting to revisit this technique for ages. I dug into my stash to see if I could come up with a doable yarn. I've had two balls of Cleckheaton Merino yarn for forever and I haven’t had any ideas what to do with it. I always thought it would make a nice hat,but I think this turned out better. 

Yarn: Cleckheaton Merino Supreme (washable), 2 balls
Needle: US 9 hat sized circular

The short row tutorial linked in the pattern is awesome. I’ll never be confused over picking up a wrapped stitch again. :-)
As I knit the fabric felt a little tight and I was worried that it wouldn't drape or fold. 
Mods: I did short rows until there were 9 stitches left between the wrapped stitches. I’m trying to make sure I have enough yarn to complete. I knit 4 decreasing rounds but left off the last two knit rounds as I’m thought I might run out of yarn.
I bound off with a regular purl 2 slip one over, but it’s very loose and so the top just curls right over! Hopefully blocking can fix this.
Reflection on the knit: I got a little unhappy with this knit about half-way through when I noticed how pointy the end was (there seems to be lots of mods for this on Ravelry). Then looking at it as I knit I wondered about the final product. It didn’t seem like it would look nice on. Surprisingly - and even with the curled over top edge - it looks great on and I think I can give it away as a gift.

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