Thursday, December 08, 2005

Dear Gift Elf!

I love it, Cayli1!

Truly, I am so impressed. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I love how you said that you enjoyed the whole process, but in your case it really was the whole process: your own sheep, your own spun and dyed wool, hand knitting. Amazing! Really, it touched me. I am so glad that I participated in the exchange. It's a wonderful thing to wear something that someone knit for you. It's just infused with their energy or chi or something. Awesome!

I was lucky that it is so sunny here today. It seems to me that the sun must have come out just for this, like a Thomas Hardy novel.

First I would like to reveal the loveliness of Cayli's Yarn. She's gifted me with ~200 yards of rambouillet from one of her former sheep which she dyed and spun. When I look at this yarn crocuses popping up through the snow fill my mind. It's so soft, too. Unfortunately my pictures aren't capturing the subtle colors in the yarn. Imagine, if you will, the presence of light indigos and lighter green-blues mixed in artfully with colors that you see already. And as your hand caresses a skein, you feel the smootheness of the wool and notice its lustrous sheen. Now you know Cayli's beautiful yarn.

Cayli's handspun yarn

Lace ScarfMy next gift is a beautiful lace scarf made from a black mohairy type yarn with a glittery accent. I love the pattern. The stitches are so delicate and it feels great on. What's amazing to me is just yesterday I was thinking that I needed to make another black scarf because my usual one is getting ratty. Perfect! It's my first lacely scarf ever and I really like it. I definitely could wear it to something fancy-shmancy but I think I will probably end up wearing it everyday.

Shadows and laceI also noticed that lace does cool things in the sunshine.

The hat that Cayli made
And the last lovely gift I pulled from the box was a handmade, ribbed hat. This was also made from wool from one of Cayli's sheep. This time a finn. It's handspun and hand dyed ( how did you make the cool stripes?). The colors remind me of cherry blossoms. Now I feel like I am a walking cherry blossom. And it's a lovely feeling. The fabric is warm and dense and the hat fits my head perfectly snug. Isn't it awesome?
Me in Cayli's hat

Thank you so much, Cayli. I love your presents and appreciate the time and thought that went into each one. I feel so lucky that you were my partner!



whatever said...

WOW, you certainly SCORED with your gift elf!! Such thoughtful gifts! I know that you are overwhelmed, I certainly would be, too! Everything is lovely!
Happy Holidays!

Teyani said...

gorgeous gifts...
Wow - what is that scarf made of??

Mothlady said...

Wow, you're a lucky girl! Those are wonderful gifts. And to think the wool is from her own sheep AND she did the spinning and the dyeing... Amazing.

Momo said...

Mothlady - I was so overwhelmed with that idea when I opened the package.

Teyani - I am not sure what it's made of, but I love it!

Becka - I am lucky. Happy Holidays to you, too.