Friday, December 02, 2005

FO: Cabled Panta

I posted pictures of it blocking, but since sometimes it can take me months to seem, I thought I'd show the actual finished panta. This is the first time I have actually been happy with the way I sewed something together. The cables matched up nicely!

Pattern: I adapted the Panta pattern from the thread and mixed in an adapted version of Alice Starmore's cable pattern for her Kittiwake hat from Aran Knitting.

Yarn: Nashua Handknits Creative Focus Worsted 75% wool 25% alpaca 220 yards in a 100 gr ball

Needles: US7

Gauge: 5st/inch and 6 rows/inch

Comments: I really loved knitting with this yarn and I can see myself knitting a lot more with it in the future. I would use it just as I normally would use Brown Sheep's Lamb's Pride. As for the pattern, I would leave out a couple of border stitches that I used in future ones.


Cathy said...

Wow, I love it with the cables. I'm thinking of making two of them for my friend's two daughters for Christmas.

Teyani said...

Lordy.. this is gorgeous! colors cable.. all of it.. just YUMMY!
I haven't been brave enough to try the "llama" yet.. it reads like one of those patterns that just scare me.. but this is sooooo wonderful!

Momo said...

Thanks, gals! :-)

xmasberry said...

looks great! i also love Lamb's Pride, so maybe i'll try some of the Nashua Creative Focus for the added alpaca warmth! This is for your sister-in-law, right? She'll love it!

Shel said...

that is beautiful! Would you mind sharing your instructions - I have no idea on the Alice Starmore stitches, but would love to try.

Great job and lovely color.

yarn delirious (Shel) from KR

Chloe said...

Truly, yours is a beautiful Panta with the cable. I just love it, but am much too new to knitting to know how to begin changing the pattern to make it cabled. Are you planning to share your pattern? If so, I would really like to have it. My granddaughters would definitely appreciate a hat like this during their cold winter months at college up north.

Anonymous said...

Hi I have just found panta's at crafters and after making a couple of standard patterns would really luv to make one like yours. Can you share the pattern pleeeze, It is wonderful.
Cheryl in Australia