Sunday, January 01, 2006

Home for the holidays

I spent Christmas in Seattle and had a lovely time there with my brother and sister, father and his partner and especially my niece. In a stroke of luck my mom, who resides in Arizona, showed up the day before I left. So with the exception of my brother who is too-busy-for-anything-because-I-am-in-law-school-so-there, I got to see all of my family.

My knitted gifts were well received. I made a panta and mitt set for my sister that she said she really liked. My dad got his cashmere scarf that I have been working on. And my neice really took to the curly whirly scarf I crocheted for her. Unfortunately, I had some card issues in my digital camera and lost some photos of the recipients wearing my gifts. :sigh: But I have a nice one of my dad wearing the scarf to the right.

One of my goals was to eat as much Pho as possible while in Seattle. (pho is vietnamese noodle soup) It's just about my most favoritest food in the world. I love the broth, the rare beef and beef brisket, the cilantro, the basil, the lime, the beanspouts, chiles, well you get the idea. I think it's the combination of flavors and the fresh vs. the cooked that gets my tastebuds going.

So right after leaving the airport with my brother and sister we headed to Pho Van in Rainier Beach. This is my sister's pho hangout. And yum! We also had 3 bean desert. It's kind of strange at first for a western pallette, but really good. It consists of 3 different sweetened beans, layered with ice and cream. You mix it all up and slurp it down.

But that was the only bowl of Pho for me. We ended up going to a fabulously good vietnamese restaurant called Tamarind Tree in Little Saigon in the International District. Review Here. Another Review Here It was absolutely amazing. If you are ever in Seattle you must eat here!

I had marvelous Mojitos, fabulous platters of different foods that you could roll up with herbs and dip into sauces, and life changing roasted coconut icecream. They make it everyday and it's to die for. It tastes just like those samoa girlscout cookies sans chocolate. Oh. My. God.

It's owned by the same family that owns Pho Van (different siblings). Good cooking really runs in that family.

Well I didn't spend my whole vacation eating, but this is one of the big standouts. I will post about my new castons and christmas loot a little later.


Aprilynne said...

Sounds like you had a great trip! I want to see Seattle someday. =)
Your Dad's scarf is really gorgeous.

I'm feeling much better, now, thanks for the well wishing! =)Did your Mom like the worried sheep T? I still crack up every time I think about it. he he he

Aprilynne said...

I made a button for you =)

Momo said...

OMG, April! That's so cool. Thanks :-)

Mothlady said...

Roasted coconut icecream? Sounds delicious :p

And there's a new photo of you, very nice!

Mothlady said...

Oh, and a bloglist, too. And I'm on it, yay! :D

Aprilynne said...

You can take it, if you want.