Friday, January 27, 2006

Stick Fu

clapotis with 13 straight repeatsI haven't been updating this here ol'blog lately because I have been pretty ill the last week or so. Eating became a hideous chore because after having the Hurly Whirlies (great name for it April), I am now all of a sudden lactose intolerant. Yesterday was the first day since last Friday where I could eat without consequences. I've enjoyed my first soymilk latte and feel so much better. Yay! I promise never to take good digestion for granted again.

So all that time not a lot of knitting got done, but I am 13 straight repeats into my clapotis. I am thinking that I will do about 16 or 17 and then finish it up. I've got 7 skeins of Silk Garden and I am into my 5th now.

snowflake steel

I haven't been writing much about Kung Fu lately because I have been slightly disallusioned with it lately. Not kung fu itself. Tai Chi has become ultra boring. I haven't learned anything in that class since Septemeber and the people that are in it haven't caught up despite the fact that new material hasn't been introduced. It's frustrating and boring and I get a bad attitude when I get bored. Moreover a bunch of new people have joined lately and this just adds to the repetitive numbingness of the class.

I don't think people are practicing on their own and all they do is follow me and another guy in class. If the instructor made people do their forms solo, then they would learn them because they would have to establish their own mental cues and such. Oh well. So I haven't been going which is sad because I love Tai Chi, but it's not worth it if it drives me nutso.

ironwood fighting sticks

One thing I have been enjoying lately is weapons class. we've been doing a lot of stick fighting and bought some kick ass kamagong ironwood fighting sticks. They are quite heavy (1.5 lb?? 2 lb???) and barrel through rattan sticks, but watch out if you hit yourself. Ouch!!!

snowflake steel dragonwell swordBut talk about a work out. I am building up a lot of grip strength and forearm strength. so much so that I picked up my heavy sword the other day and it felt light!!!! I can really use it now. Well I can try to use it now. I am so excited. It's such a lovely work of art. Don't you think? Anyway, now I am thinking about getting a real broadsword. The one I have been eying is 2.5 lbs by the same maker as my dual edged.


Aprilynne said...

OK is that Sydney Bristow in there? lol sounds like fun =)

yarnahoy said...

the shadows falling on the knitted piece look SO pretty! good luck with the Lactose intolerance - Soy milk helped me.

Teyani said...

What amazing photos! Makes me want to tackle a clapotis - just wonderful colors and images !
I always wanted to try tai chi - sounds like such a focused sport - but I can imagine with all your martial arts skills that it would be boring.
What cool swords!! wow.

Mothlady said...

Beautiful swords! I've always found kendo intriguing, but they use bamboo swords, right? And my osteopath keeps telling me I should try tai chi :)

Momo said...

Heehee, April!

Thanks Teyani and Yarnahoy!

You know Tai Chi is really hard to do. A lot of it calls for crazy muscle strenght. I love doing it but it was getting frustrating not moving forward. Plus it was really hurting my kniees. Did you know that it's also a martial art? There are Tai Chi fighters out there. It just probably doesn't look like the tai chi you know and love, but the same prinicples apply.

Thanks mothlady. jThe kendo people I have seen have used wooden or bamboo swords. Maybe they are called bokken? Tai chi is excellent for your health.