Sunday, March 12, 2006

March, Pomatomus, Felting


For all the positive comments. It means a lot to me. Things are still confusing and messed up. But I am working on getting out of the mire. :-) So thanks again. Just to prove it, I have been doing some knitting and I can feel my mind coming out of it's numbness (if that makes any sense). Little ideas have been popping up, little fixes for this and that knitting problem, urges to design a pair of socks, etc. So I know that I am on the mend emotionally, at least for now. We'll see what the coming weeks bring.

March WIPs

Pomatomus socks from Knitty in Mountain colors Bearfoot in Juniper It's March and I'm going to complete the Pomatomus socks that I started in January, gosh darn it! I've sworn it to myself. And here is some evidence that I am working on them. Actually they are further along than that. I'm on the gusset at the moment. I really like working with the Mountain Colors Bearfoot. The yarn feels great to knit with and the colors are just amazing. As I knit along, each new color brings to mind a different part of a juniper tree. And somehow I feel that I am becoming acquainted all over again with these trees, glorious Juniperus.

Button hole scrap bagThis is another project for March. I'm making a topdown button hole bag to carry my boxing gear. I mean why else would anyone knit a big ole bag like that? ;) Anyway, it's a stash busting scrap bag. I'm using all of my left over yarn (that I know felts well) and a couple of new skeins to knit it up. I think I will end up having to buy more yarn because this thing is ginormous. And it's going to have to grow to be gimungous if it will ever felt into a BIG bag.

I'm excited about getting to the bottom. Not because I will be all but finished, but because I am knitting this bag as an experiment in shaping. Can shaping really be exciting? Sometimes it feels like knit magic. Anyway, I think I made the button holes a bit too large and will have to got back with a crochet hook and fix it up a little bit. I was planning on using some crochet anyway as reinforcement and decoration so this is no big deal. Where ever you are I have to say, "Thank you Minda for teaching me to crochet!!!!!!"

I'm also crocheting two scarves. One is a simple twirly whirly in black Suri Merino from Plymouth. The other is going to be more complicated. One of my LYS's got in some Rowan Calmer and I had to go and touch it (well let's just say that I knew I was going to buy some but I tricked myself into going there with noble intentions). You see I had never seen this yarn in person before and was quite curious about its fame. Once I thought of it I though of a project for it. Needless to say, I came home with two skeins in a beautiful blue to make this scarf. I have the pattern book and there are lots of interesting things in it. Some day I will do a show and tell.

Oh and wasn't this supposed to be the year of the sweater?

I've decided that knitting Eris in Andean Silk was torture and deserving of it's own little level in hell. The Andean Silk just needs to be made into something else because I wasn't enjoying the knit. So all my Andean Silk is currently single, free and looking for just the right project. Not sure what that will be yet...If anyone has some ideas, then drop me a line please because I would really like to enjoy this soft and silky yarn.

Meanwhile, I have been a very busy little ebay shopper. I bought a pack of Jaeger Shetland Aran in Aqua from Jannette's Rare Yarns. I swear she's got to be one of the best yarn sellers out there. I've only bought a couple of items from her, but they have come lightening-fast. Really, you know you're getting A+ service when your package from overseas arrives days before those ordered from inside your country.

Anyway, I think this will be the new yarn I will use for Eris. After I got the Andean Silk I discovered Jaeger Shetland Aran and would have rather of had it anyway. So maybe my wish is coming true in a round about way. One of my favorite blog authoresses out there knit a lovely Eris out of this yarn in forest green.


I have been working on some other interesting projects lately, but they're suprises, so I can't post pictures just yet......;..;


Aprilynne said...

I have some lavendary Andean Silk and I originally was planning a cute little cardi out of mine. I may end up making it into a regular cabled sweater, though, I just got a whole bunch of new sweater patterns. Not much help am I?

Glad you are starting to feel some better. It takes a while to get over stuff like that, though, regardless of the details. So be patient, and don't be surprised when after two or three months of feeling good, you go thru a little downer unexpectedly =) it' normal.

Teyani said...

Those socks are such fabulous fun!~! are they as great to knit as they seem? I've been thinking about knitting a pair too. Very very pretty in that gorgeous green.
I recently saw a sweet little ballet cardigan.. how about something like that for the silk? It wraps around the waist and ties..

Anonymous said...

I hope you continue feeling better. Your projects all look beautiful!


Mothlady said...

Thanks for the compliment :) I'm glad you're feeling better, and the green socks are gorgeous!

You're right, Jannette's Rare Yarns has a superb service. This is supposed to be the year of the stash for me, but I must get some cotton for the spring and summer. Or silk, or...

Anonymous said...

The socks look great in those colors!