Sunday, August 07, 2005

Kung Fu throwdown

The last couple classes have been difficult for me as I have been sick or with super crazy allergies. I am not sure which one, but I am sure that it is seriously interfering with my breathing. I just can't get enough air and have started bringing my inhaler again.

I have a lot of bruises from Thursdays' class. G and M both got me pretty well a couple of times in the leg. But it was a lot of fun. Unfortunately on Saturday I accidentally kicked someone in the groin. I felt so bad. It wasn't hard, but it happened. I just didn't realize how close we were and didn't pull it in time. I really struggle with shame when I hit someone. Stuff like this happens in a martial arts class but it should only be when you want it to happen. Control.

Anyway today I had fun with K. We did a lot of kicking. He taught me how to sweep and throw someone over my shoulder. That was really fun. I want to do more of it.

Knitting: I still have to finish up the cover cardigan from the summer issue of Knit1. It's all knitted. It's just sitting on the table waiting for me to piece it together. I have almost finished some socks that I have been working on for my BF for years. I took them to the stitch'n bitch in town this last week and worked over 20 rows on each one. I just need to finish off the toe!!!! I also have the purse stitch poncho from IW mag to finish, but no real rush. I just want to use up a lone skein of LB suede. I will never buy it again. Patooey! In the midst of all these I casted on for a One Skein Wonder. I just need to use up two odd ball skeins of Silk Garden that I have left over. Speaking of left-overs I have a fabulous plan for a felted bag using the odds and ends that I have tucked away since my last fabulous felted scrap bag. This one is going to rock, not just for the bag but other things as well.

On the horizon: Eris. I have been wanting to knit Rogue for some time, but wanted to get some practice with knots and cables (see FOville post). The other day I went there to once again drool over the Rogue pattern and found this delicious one instead.

I love the knotwork on the collar and the cables for shaping the waist. I really like the cardigan and though I am sewing challenged, I think I might have to rise to occassion for this sweater.

I have ordered yarn from Knit Picks: Andean Silk in Lettuce. I hope it will look like I am picturing it when I open the package. I think a green cardigan would be lovely.
Eris Cardigan/Pullover. Image from the girl from autie website. Click to go to the pattern.

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