Sunday, August 14, 2005

The yarn arrived!!!

Yesterday the Andean Silk from KP came! I have to say that I am very impressed with how soft this yarn is. It knits up very nicely, though is a little drapier than I imagined. The color is nice, though I was expecting it to be a little lighter. Still I am very happy with the yarn so far.

I've started knitting swatches for the Eris Cardigan. The first (of many I fear) I knit with size 7 bamboo circulars. The bottom portion I knit in K continental and P throw. It's a lot faster for me but with this yarn I am rowing out a little. The top portion is all throw knitting and has much less rowing out. I actually did this to see if the gauge was the same and it is: 5 sts/inch and 6.25 rows/inch. The row gauge is too large. I am supposed to have 7 rows/inch. I know, however, that if I move down a needle size I won't be able to get the stitch gauge which is more important for this part of the sweater.

To get the collar gauge of 8 rows/inch I am going to have to try size 5 needles I think. the only problem is that I am going to have to buy them as I don't own any. I almost bought them for the OSW, but just decided to go with my size 7's instead. Alas, if that doesn't produce the correct gauge I might have to buy another size as I only own big circular needles. Plus it also seems that I am going to have to buy a longer circular needle anyway for the body of the cardie. This is getting really expensive, but I think it will be worth it. I love the pattern so much!

In the meantime I have been working a little on my new cable socks by Nancy Bush. This one is almost ready for the cabling to begin. I'm about to start the second as to avoid SSS.

I haven't been feeling well for a couple of days. I think it's allergies, but my head has been so congested and I have had so much trouble breathing that I am not sure. I left Tai Chi early yesterday because my ears were beginning to ache. As soon as I got home I took an Advil sinus cold tablet and the pressure eased. It also knocked me out and I ended up taking an hour and a half nap which is highly unusual. Today I am just as bad. I went ot do kung fu today, but gave up easily and had coffee instead. I think it was a wise choice, but I still feel like a wussy.


knit_chick said...

I can't wait to see how Eris turns out for you. I think it'll be really nice in the KP Andean Silk you picked out. I can imagine it's pretty drapey (if that's even a word).

Hope your allergies clear up soon.

~ Knit Chick

Teyani said...

I love your blog! - I used to live in upstate NY, so close to you - over on Keuka Lake! The new cable socks are a yummy color - and by the way, your one skein wonder shrug is fab too!