Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Not so fair Fairisle?

Socks for my boyfriend
I have FO pictures today that are only a couple years in the making. Seriously I have been working on these socks for years. Not because it's difficult. I just got ultra bored with sock knitting. You see I learned how to knit knitting socks on DPN's. And that is ALL I did for years. Not even a scarf.

So here they are: socks for my BF. Knit on #4 DPN's in Plymouth Galway, I think. It was so long ago I lost the tag/wrap thingy. The gauge on these puppies is 6.5 st/inch. This is worsted weight yarn, ack! I don't want to know what my gauge might be on 1's or 2's. The fabric of the sock is nice and tight, but not stiff. These will be warm winter boot socks. The pattern: there isn't one. I made it up as I knit. In hindsight, I wish I had left out the fairisle bits. They aren't as regular looking as I would like. That will probably go away with washing, but .....

fairisle comparison
This irregularity is really apparent on the inside of the sock. When I knit these I am pretty sure that I changed which hands were holding the strands and it made for sloppy, sloppy floats (though the tension is just fine). Compare it with the inside of the two-handed fairisle sampler purse I made using the Philosopher's Wool pattern and techniques. Weaving as you knit is really the only way to go, and it makes such a much nicer fabric on the outside as well.

One Skein Wonder
Anyway, I have also been working on a One Skein Wonder from Glampyre Knits. This one is in Noro Silk Garden and I love the way it's turning out. I am not very fond of the minimalism of the pattern though. I like more explanation of what's going on. But whatever. It's cute so far. It's also fast. I can picture myself making one or two for xmas presents.

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