Saturday, May 27, 2006

My Life As A Soap Opera, Part IV

Several things have happened this week to make my life exceedingly painful and yet better in the long run.

*I found out that Faux-SO has been having an affair with a woman that he worked with for at least 6 months.*

I'm not going to detail it all here, but let me just tell you, he is a Dog. Everything that has been coming out of his mouth for the last who-knows-how-long has been a lie. (yet another big fat liar in my life)

So many things make sense now.


Teyani said...

no aplogies necessary here - (and what's a cula??)
Definately the creep-former-SO-jerk must be totally ancient history. I think it's time that you watched "waiting to exhale" and took a clue from that (grins) Seriously tho', you definately deserve better than what he's offered.
You know the old adage, if they do it once...
Pack his bags - boot him out - get out your knitting and create new things.
many hugs

Anonymous said...


You're in my thoughts. I know the knowlege must be painful, but I think with
the poison of uncertainty out of the system you will start to heal faster than
you expect.

Many of us care about you very much, and we know you'll be okay. Be strong;
the nightmare will be over soon.

Momo said...

Oh, thanks, Teyani. He is history. I've never seen waiting to exhale, but I am working on getting out.

Thanks, Anonymous.