Thursday, May 18, 2006

Presents, projects and prospects

Okay so with Faux-SO gone to Italy and me being on vacation with no where to go to, I have been getting a lot of stuff done. I crossed off every bullet on my weekly todo list this Wednesday, and I have been knitting quite a bit.

One of the chores I got done was sending off something quite overdue.


So I showed you this little guy in the last post, but what I didn't tell you (and what I hate to admit) is that this scarf is a Christmas present. I couldn't get the yarn for it until April. I crocheted it up lickety split, but it's still getting sent out in May. Lucky for me I had a card I made lying around that matched perfectly. Spring, yet somber. It has that congragilartory yet too bad it's so darn late aire about it. There's one benefit of making a living doing arts and crafts ;-)

Project Spectrum Bag

Basically this bag has been done for a week, but I didn't quite know how to end it. Well last night after sn'b, the ending came to me. And voila!

I felted it today, but will comment on it a little later. There have been some "complications."


I am in the One Skein Exchange. This is where you send your secret pal one skein of yarn in June and July and in August you send an item that you knitted from one skein of yarn. This is my skein for the knitted item. It's a glorious teal, a peacock to die for, an ultralovely blue-green dream. And as soon as I saw it, I had a vision of what it will be. There is a lovely lace that will show off this yarn, but I have it as a shawl pattern. And this yarn needs to be a lovely, long, lace scarf.

No problem, right, I should be able to just look at the repeat and go for it. I've already sat at my computer for a good hour staring at the chart trying to suss this puppy out. Why is figuring this repeat out so difficult? I don't know. It will be worth it though.


kristinknits said...

I like the orange bag. I finished my PS April project in May too - : ). Oh well.

Teyani said...

complications???? oh nooooo...
she holds her breath - and awaits the next post...

Momo said...

lol, Teyani.

Kristin, I saw your sweater it's yellow *and* green. :raspberry: ;-)