Friday, July 14, 2006

The Delightfulness of pureknits!


I thought about ordering yarn from pureknits for quite some time. I mean they stock handpainted cashmere sock yarn and Yarntini yumminess, who wouldn't want to shop there? So last Sunday I managed to rein myself in while purchasing some neat-o yarn for experimentation.

There were two yarns that I had been thinking about buying. The first was the worsted Malabrigo which pureknits began carrying recently. The second was the banana silk yarn. I have a crocheted hat pattern from Stitch Diva Studios that turned out beautifully in this yarn (look at their customer gallery). It would make a great gift.

So shipping is ultra-fast with these folks. My package was shipped on Monday and delivered on Wednesday. The packaging was A+ splendid. The yarn skeins were put up in individual plastic bags tied with lovely ribbons.

I couldn't believe that I also received a hand written note about my yarns and a personal comment on my location. Tres nice, don't you think?

Then, of course, there is the yarn. The Malabrigo is simply amazing! So soft and vibrantly colored. I need more of this yarn! I'm hungry for it! I mean a sweater knitted from this yarn would be the ultimate in lovely softness.

The banana silk is great, too. The sheen is incredible, but this is definitely a yarn for a fun hat or purse.

Great service, great products. I would shop there again in a heartbeat.

You know yesterday was my blogiversary here on blogger. I wanted to post about it but some stuff came up and I didn't have time. However, I would still like to make a little celebration. So I think that the first person to comment on this entry should get something fun from my stash. I want to give away my most favorite sock yarn because goodness like Liza Souza Sock! should be shared. Send me your email and the skein shall be yours!

Oh and as an aside, I had to look up the spelling for blogiverary and came upon an interesting set of blogging related definitions here. Some of them are pretty funny.

Okay, I have so much stuff to do today. Off to the real world.


Lori said...

I've been thinking about that Banana Silk yarn for a while, now I might have to take the plunge!

Lori said...

OOOh! I think I was first! yarnbeansATcharterDOTnet!

Cayli said...

Happy Anniversary, Miriam.

AR said...

Happy blogiversary! Your yarn even looks soft on the screen. Lucky!

Larjmarj said...

Happy bloiversary ;-)... I love new and fun definitions. I just learned that I'm a "grup". Someone who's of a certain age but doesn't care to act it.
Bananna silk...I've always wondered what that would be like to work with, keep us posted.

Momo said...

Thanks gals!

A Grup, hmm, I think that also could be applied to a certain redheaded knitter.

ladylinoleum said...

Happy belated blogiversary girlie!

I took at look at pureknits. Nice stuff.

Momo said...

Thanks, Lady!!