Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Reason #561 Why I Love My SAP Job

Just when I am feeling the worst and am looking for something positive to cheer me up, the kids at work seem to pick up on it. (they are so amazing!) Today was one of those days but I ended up playing, I Love You! It's a tag game we made up, but you run around hugging the players while saying I love you when you catch them.

Some other uses for snowflakes this yearHow nice is that? Everyone you are playing with wants you to hug them. In fact, although they are running away from you, in reality they are all vying for your affection. :sigh: It's so simple, real and practically artless. I mean there's really only one level of duplicity involved and it's all mutually agreed upon.

Not only was I treated to this lovely game, but there was just what I needed: much close and quiet story reading. I mean remember when you were little, what was one of the most reassuring, comforting activities? I remember lying in bed with my father and all my siblings and having him read or tell us wonderful stories. I remember feeling so secure, so warm and safe. It was lovely.

So today I was reading a book to a great little kindergartener on a mat and all these cute little K's and first graders joined us. We all kind of cuddled up together and shared a lovely tale, and communal sense of comfort. Just what I wanted for Christmas. So I am writing it here so I will remember.

I also thought today about part of a poem that Walt Whitman wrote:

There was a child went forth every day,
And the first object he looked upon and received with wonder or
pity or love or dread, that object he became,
And that object became part of him for the day or a certain part of
the day....or for many years or stretching cycles of years.

What ever part of me stays with any of the children I care for or teach, I hope it's like the one of my father I describe above. You can never know how your actions, reactions or inactions effect those around you, children in particular. Or how long they will carry that word, that hug or small gift with them. What if one squeeze here and one bandaid there made the real difference between a day of misery and one that could be tolerable. And what if I am the only person available for this child to play makebelieve or who has time to read to him.

Soap Sock of knitpick shine worsted on US8 DPN's with 24 stsEach one is such a precious little wonder because they can be anything, do anything. They can see beyond and not be afraid of not knowing because they don't know so much as it is, but are so open to learn and experience.

But afterall, this is a knit blog or it was. Anyway I have actually finished a few items lately. I was inspired to make only one gift this year. Something so small and useful. A soapsock! Sounds so granny, don't you think? But just the other day I was wishing for something just like this. Thanks to I'm Knitting As Fast As I Can for the pattern.


AR said...

Aww! What a sweet thing. Story time is my fave.

Great soap sock! It's very cute.

AR said...

Happy Holidays!! Hope they're great!

Cayli said...

Yes, those moments do make a difference and thank goodness those kids have someone like you to make them. Have a great Holiday season, Miriam.

Holly of HollYarns said...

What a pretty soap sock--I am so doing that pattern! Thanks for sharing the link. What is the pretty picture of above with the green and black embroidery (I think) on the white cloth? Nice story about storytime-they are lucky to have you.

AR said...

Thanks for the comment at my blog! If I had your email, I'd send ya one :) Merry Christmas back at ya!

kristinknits said...

The granny knitting is great! Happy Holidays!

Momo said...

Thanks, Gals. Happy Holidays to you all!

Holly - the green thing is a snowflake that I cut out and pasted onto a gift. :-)