Thursday, September 15, 2005

depressed knitting

This place hasn't been updated for a while because it seems like my knitting projects have been blowing up in my face and I couldn't work on them because I was getting depressed.

I had to leave Eris alone for a week because I was pretty upset by my knot-work efforts. It just looked so sloppy. And I had been working very slowly and diligently on it. However, I took the half collar out the other day and it's not as bad as I remember. I love Andean Silk, but it's hard to work cable magic with.

My rib and cable socks have been a disaster. The heel was horrible so I ripped it out and used another one. Unbeknownst to me I had somehow dropped a stitch when I frogged (though I had the right number of stitches to reknit the heel) and when I tried the sock on after knitting most of the foot, I was left with a run. I caught it in time and it's quite fixable. I decided to try the toe from the pattern because it looked nice in the IK picture. Well the varigated yarn covers the shaping well, but it shows up ugly in a solid. It's all P2togs and it makes these lumps that admittedly make a design, but it's just not very elegant. When you get down to the end, the P3tog's make little holes. Arg!!!!! A picture will be forthcoming.

In the mean time, I bought some yarn from AC MOORE that I thought was beautiful. It's acryllic, but I bought it anyway because the colors are so pleasing to me and it has long repeats so I think it will make for nice self-striping. I decided to cast on for Ella from the new Knitty to test it out. I don't know if it will stay on the needles though.


zibibbo said...

Wow it is acrylic? Great colors and would make a gorgeous Ella, when you're ready. Sometimes the knitting hits the pits. And I absolutely understand when external forces, or sometimes internal disrupt your Knitting Mojo! Can't knit a stitch if I've lost my balast.

Momo said...

Thanks, zibibbo. You're absolutely right about the knitting mojo.

Reasoning E'Bert said...

I think your Eris is looking good so far. It's a fun pattern but requires so much attention. I know what you mean about knitting becomming frustrating and you have to put it away and leave it a while. good luck. You'll get your knit-jo (knitting mojo) back soon, I just know it.