Saturday, September 24, 2005

silk and cashmere

I'm half way there with flourish. On a side note, if you want to make just a spiral scarf with kidsilk haze, one ball will do it with a size P hook. Just chain 121 stitches and follow the spiral scarf directions.

I never thought I would say this, but I just got some 100 percent cashmere yarn from ColourMartUK on Ebay. The price was great and they offered free shipping from the UK, too if you mentioned their add on KR. Can you believe that it came in less than a week? Not only that, but it was packaged up really nicely with a card giving the yardage and "color" as you can see.

I bought this yarn to make a scarf for my dad for xmas. The name of the color-blend is nutmeg and it's brown black and grey. It's just right because he has a black wool coat and a camel colored one and I wanted it to match both. I think I am going to make the scarf in Farrow Rib (K2, P1 across with multiples of 3). I think it will look conservative and classy which is just his style (sans the white pants and hawaiian shirt phase).

I bought 500 yards of fingering weight yarn. I plan to double it. Will that be enough? Or should I buy another skein?


enid shaw said...

Hi Miriam, I have come via the forum on knitter's review. I think it would be wise to buy at least one more skein of yarn for the scarf.It is amazing how the amount of yarn needed for a scarf, even for a child
take care,
Enid (in UK)

Momo said...

You're probably right, Enid. I should buy another skein. Sometimes I have the feeling that if I just even have a small doubt about yarn quantity that I should get one more.

Thanks for dropping by! Cheers!