Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Look what came in the mail

Rowan Kidsilk Haze in Blushes
I shall soon be on my way to finishing my reproduction of Flourish! I ordered this yarn from Janette's Rare Yarn on ebay. She's in the UK and it came in a week with free shipping. Woohoo! You can't beat that.

After I had petted and oggled it a bit I left it on the kitchen table to finish some cleaning. I heard a bunch of crazy cat playing going on in the kitchen and came back to find one skein pretty well mangled and slobbered on by my energetic cat, Tina. It's the one on the left. Duh! I saw her scoping it out as I left the kitchen, too.

Sunday I worked a little on Eris. I finished the first side and picked up stitches for the second side of ther collar. I didn't do the greatest job of it, but oh well, the knitting is going better. I've just resolved that this is going to be a learning project and that I need to accept the frustration bound to come my way. It's not going to be perfect. Blah, blah, blah

In the meantime I had been consoling myself with a bit of crocheting. I checked out Ethnic Socks and Stockings from the library and there are some facsinating sock making techniques and patterns in this book. One sock had crochet mixed in with it. Something called Bosnian crochet. A single Bosnian crochet stitch is made by putting the hook through the back loop only leaving a line in the front. Very cool.

I broke out some Berrocco Foliage that I had bought and made-a-scarf-with-but-hated-and-frogged for this test. It turns out that if you do alternating single crochet and single Bosnian crochet rows, the fabric curls onto itself on the right side. However, the wrong side which is essentially single crochet is given a lot of texture and it looks great. It would be a good stitch to use like stockinette in knitting.

But now I have this curled up scarf. And I really don't want to frog it again because it was very painful the first time and took hours!


Paula said...

Love the cable. Thanks for commenting on my Lacy Scallops socks.

Mothlady said...

I know how you feel regarding Eris. It was really frustrating to see that I couldn't make it the way I wanted, i.e. perfect. I guess that's what makes it a unique, hand-knitted garment. Or at least that's what I keep telling myself :)