Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Rib and Cable Socks Done!

Finally! It was a very frustrating knit and I am glad that it is done. I followed the pattern pretty religiously which is odd for me. I think I just wanted to prove that I could follow one. The only alterations that I made were in the heel. I used a strap heel and it knitted the cable and rib pattern down the back of the heel. One thing that I really liked about doing this is that when I picked up and knit the flap stitches it blended in really well with the purl background. The cables look like they pop up out of nowhere.

I knit the toe as directed and I like/don't like it. At first I thought the triangle of p2togs on the toe looked strange and then I really started liking it. I might try it with k2togs and SSK sometime. The thing I dislike about it is that I can feel bumps inside the end of the toe. I think it might be from the P3togs at the very end. I have no "princess and the pea" issues with knots, purl bumps, and the like in my socks. So I think this might really bother someone who is sensitive to texture on the bottom of their socks. On the other hand it could be my knitting. Perhaps my mojo isn't fully replenished.

Pattern: Nancy Bush's Rib and Cable Socks from IK Fall 2005

Yarn: Shepherd Baby Wool 4 ply in 100 (blueberry)

Gauge: 7.5 sts/inch, 10 rows/inch

Needles: US4 DPN's for top of sock. US3 DPN's for the foot.

On another note: I recently bought some lovely new sock yarn from Lisa Souza Knitwear & Dyeworks. This yarn is called, Sock! in the color Shade Garden. It's a great blend of greens, blues, purples, and shadow black. I really dig darker hand paints which you don't see that often.

I had visited her site once before and just fell in love with her colorways, especially South Pacific and now Deep Pacific. But at the time she was just selling 8oz skeins of fingering weight merino. I didn't exactly need 1700 yards of sock yarn (but, oh, I really wanted it!). So I'm glad that there is now an option to try her yarns without buying so much at one time.

I have to say that this yarn is quite soft to the touch and I think it will only get softer with a washing. Also the shipping was fast. I will definitely be buying more yarn soon from this online seller.


Aprilynne said...

Those socks are AWESOME to the third power (cubed) cool cool cool! I am terrified of socks - but trying to get over it. I mean, I'm not scared to WEAR socks, just knit them - LOL - but those things are MAHvalous DAHling

knit chick said...

The Rib and Cable Socks are on my to-do list. Your socks look AWESOME! The new sock yarn is such a lovely colorway, too.

Teyani said...

How wonderful!
Spectacular socks!!!!
You are certainly braver than I ! - socks terrify me!

Aprilynne said...

I did it! One mistakeless sock.

Pip and Tom said...

I was thinking of ordering some of this yarn, and searched your blog for the finished socks, but couldn't find them! have you knit it up yet? If so, did you like the results?

sapphyre said...

Love your socks!!! I tried these and decided that cabling and sock yarn were just too much trouble (at the time I just wanted a mindless pattern). But I might have to give them another go!

Oh, and that Sock! yarn is gorgeous!!!!

Momo said...

You know it's funny pipandtom, I haven't knitted it up yet. I know which pattern I am going to use though. I tried to make it into a scarf and the yarn just kept telling me that it wanted to be socks. ;)

Thanks Sapphyre! I'm sure you'll enjoy it the second time around. You know what you're getting into. It's a good pattern to practice cabling without a needle.