Saturday, October 29, 2005

Under Pressure

November is Crazy Birthday month for me. My Kung Fu teacher, my BF, my sister, my mom, my dad's partner. And last year was the last time for my grandmother. I miss her.

So I am knitting up a storm before I can even get to xmas gifts. :sigh:

Last year I made a hat for my dad's partner. Unfortunately, it got back to me that it didn't fit. I wasn't aware that he has an unusually large head. This year I am making a big-head proof hat and I bought the yarn for it today.

All I can say is that I am in knitting heaven. This Baby Alpaca Grande by Plymouth Yarns is heavenly, so soft, omg good to the fingers. Not only that but I had forgotten how much I like knitting with my big Britanny DPN's. The yarn glides across them just right. Plus with US11's I am almost done in a couple of hours. Can I say that I love making bulky hats? Such satisfaction!

Can you see an Addi US2 40 inch circular needle peeking out in the picture? I have a 29 inch, too. Now I can try sock knitting on 2 circs and magic loop. I just have to wind the 600 yards of wool I got from Knit Picks. :yuck:

Yesterday was wig day at work. We didn't tell anyone that we were going to all wear wigs and when the kids saw us they went crazy. The kindergartners were especially confused. One of them kept asking me if it was my real hair. Staff kept their wigs on all day. We walked to a nearby graveyard to get spooked and play ghost in the graveyard. People were honking at us along the way. Later we all went to happy hour in our wigs at a "joe" type bar, got tipsy and played darts. I loved it.

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