Thursday, November 24, 2005

Scarf-a-liscious Ithaca

I was picking a couple of things up in Wegmans yesterday. It was packed with people doing holiday shopping. I think it could have been a little bit stressful, but I was walking around smiling because of all the beautiful handmade scarves people were wearing. Some were simple. Some very well worn. But they all were quite lovely. It's nice to see such a local display of skill.

I had been working all day with a plugged up head and scratchy throat, but by the time I got home I realized that I was really going to get sick. So eventhough I was feeling like crap I went to the Ithaca St'n Bitch. There was one other person there already. We knitted the night away. I was working on Christmas scarves and my KR gift elf present. By the time I got home I rally needed some nyquil, but opened a bottle of wine instead. I had to prepare stuffing for today.

Anyway, I feel terrible today. By the time I got the turkey in the oven and the stuffing in pans, I couldn't really taste anything and I had the chills.

Did I also mention that I trekked out to the store today? I had to clear off 2 inches of snow from my car. Hooray for snow tires!!!


Mothlady said...

We got our first real snow last night. I love it.

Hope you're feeling better.

Momo said...

Thanks, mothlady. :)