Thursday, November 17, 2005


I finished the collar for Eris a couple of days ago. I would be excited, but I am seriously contemplating frogging the left side of the collar again. The row gauge is fine for both sides. It's the knitting that's bothering me still.The first side I knit is a lot looser and rowed-out looking. I think I am going to contemplate this over the coming weekend and see how I feel.


Teyani said...

frog frog frog.. otherwise you'll most likely never wear it!
(easy for me to say being 3500 miles away eh?!!)
no.. actually I agree, sit on it awhile... then you'll know!
thanks for all your sweet ideas on my blog!
What a great pattern eris is!~
I tried to actually find the pattern for the panta, but the connection you gave didn't click to anything except photos. (am I just lost here?). maybe we can private email about this?
thanks again for all your positive input - its great to know a knitter from back east.
Is it snowing there yet????

Momo said...

No problem, Teyani. I will email you about the panta. It's been trying to snow lately. A few flakes the other day.

Mothlady said...

If it bothers you, frog it. I made some mistakes while knitting the cables, but you can't really see them in the finished version. Hey, it's hand-made, so every version of it should be different. At least that's my excuse :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mimes, been searching for you on the internet and finally came across kung fu knitting, the amonite was cute;) email me if you can at the old geo address so we can talk about mixed martial arts (doing brazilian jiu jitsu currently)

Momo said...