Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Martial Arts Rule the Week

I have been sucked big time into martial arts lately. So much so that I have kind of ignored this blog and I even haven't been reading KR (that's saying something). It's all the fault of the UFC and the reality tv show The Ulitmate Fighter. (also here). The guys on this show and in the UFC have so much skill and talent. They train in so many different martial arts that it's amazing.

I never used to like boxing or fighting. In fact, I thought it was rather barbaric. I think part of my thinking was due to how my body reacted to this kind of stimulus. My pulse would rise and I could feel the adrenalin start to flow. It's a primal reaction beyond your control. I didn't really like that.

I enjoy that now. By doing so much kung fu I have slowly acclimated myself to the idea of fighting. At first I didn't understand how much was involved with mixed martial arts (mma): how difficult it is, how demanding on the body and mind. I didn't get it until I tried it. It's not just some bohunks out for blood. In my own experience, sparring is hard, challenging and fun. And watching professionals is awesome.

Anyway, November is birthday month. My mom is a knitter and I have been buying fabulous yarns from KR stash sales for her in anticipation of this. Yesterday I sent her 2 skeins of Cherry Tree Hill glitter alpaca, about 440 yards of it. I think it's enough to make a Flower Basket shawl so I sent her that pattern as well. The other yarn I sent is Koigu PPM. I think these will make lovely socks. I sent her an hourglass heel pattern for these as I know she has never tried this technique before.

For my dad's partner with the unusually large head I sent a black, alpaca, 2x2 ribbed hat. It's completely big head proof. This hat will fit anyone. And it's so soft. I absolutely love this yarn. I would die for a sweater in it. I'll have to save my pennies for that though.


Teyani said...

your Mom sure its lucky! Gorgeous yarns! great hat too - I made a similar one that is "big head proof" - and had a great chuckle while reading your blog this am.
Can't imagine doing martial arts - such intensity - but how cool that you are doing it!

Mothlady said...

Glad to have you back. As soon as I put you on my Bloglines list, you stopped posting, hmph!

Mothlady ;D

Aprilynne said...

cool fiber 4 your Mom and nice hat!

Glad u r back, too =)

Aprilynne said...

Thanx for the sweet comment on my blog =D