Saturday, June 24, 2006

Crazy Week, Crazy Dates

Let's start with last Friday, shall we? The evening began with my work's end of the year party. We went to Just A Taste and I started off with a flight of red wines (more than samples of 5 different wines). We had a lovely dinner and I ate some of my favorite food in Ithaca. And I had more wine.

After wine and tapas we were ready to hit the bars. Fortunately there are many to choose from on the commons in Ithaca. So we hit up the first one for shots (a concoction that my boss created), went across the street for more drinks, then on to the last bar of the evening where I had two double vodka drinks (that my boss also created).

Yes, I have the worlds coolest boss. And my coworkers are delightful. It's always a great time when we hang out. It's so sad that so many are leaving Ithaca.

I got home past 1 AM and that was bad news because I had to get up at 5:30 to catch my ride to Utica. Two of our boys from the gym were supposed to fight (I think as qualifiers for the Empire Games). But only one fought, but that was fine because it it was a glorious fight. Every round was great action.

And our fighter won. W is an amazingly skilled and fast boxer. It was so great to go to an old fashioned boxing gym and the story behind the fight would make a great movie (the trainers were arch-enemies). And let's not mention all the beautiful fighters that showed up.

Anyway, on the way back we went to the Boxing Hall of Fame. There were some cool things there including casts of many fighters hands, bills, and tickets.

As I told you in the previous post, last Sunday I went on my first internet date. I had a great time with that guy. I mean, we spent like 7 hours together on our first date together, but I just didn't think I was feeling it. You know the right chemistry. But I decided to try it again and it was pretty much the same.

Well, you remember the bike guy I wrote about, don't you? Well he had helped me out when I picked up my bike, too. And let's just say that he had been on my brain for a while. I decided I should ask him out, but when I went to the bike shop he wasn't there.

So all this is a prelude to the fact that one night I was on my internet dating site and decided that I should be much more proactive about the whole process. So I started searching for guys. I found a couple cute interesting prospects and emailed one on them. But I was sitting there thinking, why can't the bike guy be on here? Click next page, he pops up just right there. It seems like fate, so of course I emailed him and we set up a "date."

But a little later I get an email, a funny, interesting and affable email from another guy who sends me his phone number. For some reason I put it into my phone right away. And for some reason I send him mine in my next email (I never give out my phone number!).

Later on I get a call from this guy. And we talked for a little bit and he ended up coming over. (he called me on accident. We were going to go for a drink but we ended up at his house where we talked for hours and then he drove me home. I got to my house at about 1:30, but didn't get home until 3:00 AM. Fill in the blanks!


kristinknits said...

Sounds like a good date! : ) YAY!

Cayli said...

Alright Miriam! Fingers crossed that it just gets better from here.

Momo said...

Yep, it was a good time!