Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me

Monday was my birthday (nevermind my age) and I treated myself to a couple of things.

I bought a beautiful handmade market basket from my local coop. It was made by a cooperative in Gana and each basket is different in size shape and pattern. It works great for shopping with it's wide circumfrence and open top. It holds flowers and carrots with long greens easily. It seems to be really sturdy and you can reshape it by wetting it rather like a felted item. I love the colors and patterns on it. It also holds my boxing gear quite nicely, at least until I finish my boxing bag.

I bought some birthday-yarn, too. I mean, what kind of knitter would I be otherwise? (eventhough I haven't knit much lately. It's in my blood and you can't escape that). Here it is: it's an undyed, 5+ ounce skein of fingering (?) merino/silk. It's soft and lovely and I want to knit a nice lace something or other in it. A shawl? A top? Something purely for me. Meanwhile, I will be in the corner petting it.

Speaking of knitting, I just have to start the toe of my self-striping sock. I'm not sure what kind of toe I want, though. Probably I will go with the standard, (I almost always do), but it's fun to contemplate other possibilities at least.

:sigh: I miss my old photoogenic porch. I am still not sure how I want to take pictures in my new place. I might try to the roof. Yes, I have roof access!

Oh, hey and once upon a time, Mothlady of the incredible Lillehammer sweater asked me what kind of camera I use. And I totally forgot to answer, but I'll tell ya now that it's a cheapie one I picked up from Chez Target for $80.00 a couple of years ago: Vivitar Vivicam 3705 3.3 mp. This little guy doesn't have optical zoom which drives me crazy and most of my pictures with any distance don't turn out. But it takes nice close ups. But still, I can't focus it. My next one will have optical zoom that's for sure.

Blogger is being stubborn and won't let me upload more pictures, like the one of the entire basket. Ugh!


JessaLu said...

Happy Birthday on Monday :o)

That sock looks very cool!

kristinknits said...

Happy belated Birthday! : )

Cayli said...

Happy Birthday Miriam! Love the basket even though we were not allowed to see the whole thing. ;) Really like the sock. What pattern is that?

Momo said...

Thanks Gals!

Hi Cayli! The pattern for the sock is one that I am doing as I go along :-) I've written it all down somewhere so I can make the other. So I will post-it-up after the toe.

beth said...

Happy birthday! You may not have the porch but your photos are still beautiful. I love how you use the sunlight.

Bev said...

Happy belated birthday! I wish I would have known that I would have stuck something else in the package. Best wishes for the year.

Momo said...

Well, Beth, coming from you that's quite the compliment!

Bev, you're such a sweetie!

ladylinoleum said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

The sock is a wonderful colorway!