Sunday, June 11, 2006

Newest Stash Addition

Sock! in South Pacific by Lisa Souza

Lisa Souza Sock! in South Pacific

Last fall I bought a skein of Sock! from Lisa Souza Yarn and loved it. Since then I have been deeply in love with the South Pacific colorway (isn't it glorious). I didn't want to buy anymore yarn until I used what I had, but I have tried to make the shade garden skein into a scarf on no less than 3 occassions.The last iteration was to be a Mother's Day present and I started and frogged it about 4 times. It holds up well I must say. It's a lovely colorway, but I think it's telling me that it wants to be socks not a scarf.

Anyway, I am so happy to have this lovely skein. I think it will just be a gazing skein for a while (as opposed to a touching skein or a working skein). I love it just the way it is, sitting on the window sill in the sun.

This is a bad yarn buying sign, I think. Help! I must be falling into the knitter's abyss....the overflowing abyss of yarn stashdom.


(here comes the personal issue stuff)

On other fronts, my life has been hell for the last two weeks. A bunch of stuff happened with my Faux-SO. Now I am out of the house and in my own apartment. It's a lovely space with lots of windows and light and I feel that I can start to get my head together. In fact, I feel leaps and bounds better than just 4 days ago.

Time to heal.

Time to return to world.

Time to start living.

It's kind of fun to walk around and feel free. I see a cute guy and I think, hey there's a cute guy, and I remember that I can look. And so I do and then I think, wow, I could do something about this because he's looking at me, too. Hmmm, yep I am free. Should I do something? Ah, probably not, I am still so tender, but wouldn't it be fun? Cha, cha, cha!

I mean yesterday I was taking my bike to get a tune up and the mechanic there had the most amazing eyes and I let myself be mesmerized by them. And we were both just kind of standing there through the motions but lost in something else.

It was an amazing interaction. Why are bike mechanics always so cute?


Aprilynne said...

I'm glad you're on your own and starting to feel better. Dreamy eyes are always nice to get lost in, right?

Cayli said...

Glad to hear you are free of that ugly situation. Also I love that yarn color, guess that means I need to get the dyes out.

Momo said...

Thanks gals :-)

kristinknits said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
kristinknits said...

Horray for the freedom to flirt! Great yarn ...

Momo said...

Now I am going to wonder what was deleted. Was it rude? Was it sad? Was it funny? Who regretted their comment.

That's just no fun.