Thursday, February 08, 2007

Stone Mountain

I've been saving this post for a while and seeing that I don't really have any knitting content to present at the moment, I decided to show something more than a little quirky from my Atlanta trip. Stone Mountain


The South is such a hospitable place. I found the people in Atlanta to be quite nice for the most part, though I didn't hear many, "y'alls" about. But of course, that wouldn't do at a place like Stone Mountain. It's a veritable shrine to Southern history. Witness the flagstones of the Succession:

Or better yet, the portraits of the generals. Can you name them all? (Mouseover for the answers.) You could take a cablecar to the top. It's barely visible in the picture.

Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Jefferson Davis

Now of course, a little place like this couldn't exist without a fake little shop town, replete with live blacksmith and black coffin for posing in. Not to mention cotton candy at most every corner and holiday music piped throughout (there was no escape).

The streets should also have names befitting the history of the park:

Apparently at night, there is a laser show that beams the face of Martin Luther King over the confederate generals. Imagine that? When we were there, there was only going to be an evening holiday show. Darn!

It was a beautiful place. The mountain itself was gorgeous and I really wished I could have hiked it. There are some cool igneous structures and I imagine that the view from the top is marvelous.


Holly of HollYarns said...

You look so cute in your peacoat posing in a coffin! I think I'd do something odd with that picture--like make xmas cards with it (y'all know,all that red and green would make a fun xmas card)!

I look at that mountain and think--by gods how could they desecrate such a beautiful rock?

JustApril said...


Ok, so I know you're already out, but *cry* that scares me! lol I'm glad you enjoyed your Southwardbound vacation. I haven't been to that particular 'South' but the one here is cool, too. =) A little less... Civil Warry, but not much, hahaha

Hey is that rock from your 5 Things post petrified wood? I love that stuff.

Carrie said...

A coffin pic! I don't know if I could stand there. Time flies fast enough =) I wish I could see a light show like that, too! Darn Darn Darn!

Momo said...

Ho! I didn't even think about stepping into that ole coffin there!

That's sounds like a fun plan, Holly! Christmas cards!

April - Nope it's a hinge from a fold. Rock layers were heated/pressurized and compressed in some fashion. Given where I collected it, most likely sea sediments. I love petrified wood, too. In fact, Petrified Wood National monument is just about one of the coolest places I have been. Go, if you ever get a chance!

AR said...

How cool! Sounds like fun. I love the coffin pic. I would have been dissapointed to miss the MLK light show, too.

midgeling said...

Cool! We stayed in Stone Mountain, GA last July when Harley was in the TKD Junior Olympics. It was really nice, and ffor some odd reason, I felt really at home in Atlanta. You really got some great photos.

Momo said...

Thanks Midgeling and AR.

I really liked Atlanta. :-)