Sunday, February 04, 2007

Fight Life = Boring Life

I've been missing the blogosphere. I haven't really been able to post or read much lately, so please excuse my recent silence if you've noticed that I have been MIA in the comment zone lately.

Actually, I've been training for my upcoming fight (March 3rd)and starting back with school. My days now go something like this: wake up at 5, work out at 5:30, finish at 7, get ready for work, go to Job #1, go to Job #2, work out at 5:30, come home, shower, eat, shoot it's 8:30, go to bed/go out/do homework. Pretty boring.

But I have been getting in some sparring. I did 9 rounds last week and hopefully I can get in just as many more in weeks to come.

It was a little embarassing because I am so rusty. On Tuesday I sparred with one of the girl fighters from my gym and I got clocked pretty nicely in the chin. My jaw was a little sore for the next few days, but on Wednesday and Thursday I got hit quite a bit more.

There's a former professional boxer who is coming down to spar with us gals now. How cool is that? She's taller than I am which is something completely different and good for me to experience. She has longer arms than I do so I am having to change my overall strategy. She boxes at a level above me, but not too much so I am always being challenged and schooled when I am failing myself (I did have a little headache this weekend). It's a great experience and I am lucky for it.

But, I rested up this weekend and only worked out a little bit - just to work off some frustrations more than for fitness. You know, there was some drama, a bunch of disappointment and a car accident, but I am dearly going to miss the sleepy, warm-in-bed mornings. Brrr, it's so cold out. I don't want to think of venturing out in 1 degree weather tomorrow.

Hopefully I will have more knitting content soon. I have been working on a hat from Knitting Nature (God, I love this book. Thanks again, Annie!). And it's coming along nicely. I also recently saw, My Neighbor Totoro, and have fallen in love with that movie. I hope to knit a Totoro hat at some point and wax a little poetic about the whole thing. I have so many question and thoughts about it. Ah, thank you, Jon.

I should be finishing my homework. :doh:

Cheers for now!


ladylinoleum said...

You go with your boxing girlie. That's awesome.

Knitting Nature...I keep seeing that at Border's and haven't picked it up yet, but I will now.

Latoya said...

Good luck on your fight!

Knock 'em out and knit on!

Larjmarj said...

Kick Butt!
I know what you mean about the hamster on the wheel syndrome. I'm in the same boat. "Time to make the doughnuts".

Jackie said...

Hey Miriam, it's Jackie... we met at Stitch & Bitch on Wednesday (I commented on your Clapotis). As it turns out, I'm in love with My Neighbor Totoro too! I looked for a good pattern, but haven't found one yet. However, the Miyazaki Crafting group on Flickr is wonderful. You should check it out!

Momo said...

Thanks gals!

Heya Jackie!! Did you see the Miyazake exchange on crafster? Very cool.