Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I am so lucky to have gotten at least a little bit of Valentines Love! Look at the card that thoughtful Holly sent. It was so unexpected and sweet. Thanks, so much.

My cool card from Holly

And inbetween all the working out and such, a little knitting has been getting done. And I have the proof.

Droplet hat from Knitting Nature Actually this guy is getting sewn up at the moment.

Can you believe it? I am going to be posting an FO soon! Perhaps I am gaining back some knitting momentum. (To be honest, I think I am gaining back a lot of life momentum at the moment).

I've also started a shawlette from the Basil Zephyr that Annie sent me for the one skein exchange. Everytime I look at this yarn I see the flower petal shawl from Elann. So that is what it will become. t won't be anywhere as big as the one pictured on the site, but I think it will be very wearable with the right dresses and such. The pattern is not complicated in the least, but it is lovely. So, all in all, this will be some mindless but relaxing knitting that I am hoping will produce a nice FO.

My work life at the school age program has been going really well. Yesterday I had about 12 kids in my knitting and crochet enrichment group. It's exciting to see how far some of them have come. I have three 4th grade gals that can knit and crochet. Yesterday one learned how to make icord, one worked on mastering single crochet and the other worked on the twirly whirly scarf that she started. I have another 5th grade gal that has just taken off with crochet. She's a real DIYer and her first project that she self started was a bag for her tamagotchi. She freeform-crocheted the whole thing, unventing a lot of techniques along the way. It was amazing to watch.

I was also in charge of art last Friday and came up with a project that turned out nicely. My boss has 65,000 CDs that she needs to do something with. So we used them in multimedia artworks. Above is a piece that I made with one of the Kindergarteners. She made her own amazing painting as well. Some of the petit artistes made fun little sculptures with CDs using the hotglue gun (one of the best inventions of the last century!). And we also made door and window hangings with fishing line. Tres fun.

Now I am going to try to get around to everyone's blog!


Cayli said...

Love the hat you are knitting. I also love that art project. You have a artist in the making for sure.

Latoya said...

That blue is just magical looking. Wonderful! Thanks for stopping by.
Here's the link: You can just click on Speakers and you should see my face and/or name.
I really can't wait to see that shawlette. Hurry up and knit it. Smile.

Knit on!

Carrie said...

Ah, what a great entry! So much to comment on! Happy Valentine's Day, and congratz on the soon-to-be-finished object. How great that you're teaching kids how to knit and crochet. We all need to teach kids how to slow. down. Knitting is a great way to do that.

AR said...

An FO? Yay!

I love teaching the kids knitting. Isn't it fun? I absolutely Love the cd art. Awesome! Great thing to do with all of those junk ones everyone gets in the mail.

Cute valentine. Lucky you. :)

midgeling said...

Thanks for your note! Teaching those kids sounds like a wonderful experience. I love how kids don't have the creativity smothered out of them like so many adults do. There is such freedom in how they create.

JustApril said...

Awesome work on the soon to be FO =) It's so cool that your students are learning so much, too. The CD art is neato =)*)