Saturday, August 26, 2006

Bad date-o-rama:

Or 10 ways to get your ass kicked to the curb

10. You never ask any personal questions, so that by the fourth date you have no idea that I have a graduate degree or what fields I studied in college.

9. You call me right after I text you. If I didn't call you, then it means that I couldn't.

8. You invite me to dinner then later ask me to cook you dinner.

7. I ask you for a later date time, then you stipulate an even later one. You then proceed to show up earlier than I asked you to, nevermind the time you wanted.

6. You show up dressed down and early.

5. You show up unwashed and early.

4. I look like a hot, foxy momma and you don't say a damn thing about it!

3. By the way, you're moving out of town in a couple of weeks???

2. Yes, there is a thing called dinner conversation. It's interactive and generally themes build upon each other in a stimulating fashion.

1. You try to school me on rocks. If you hadn't committed numero diez you'd know that, yes, indeed, I do know a little about granite.

:slaps forehead:


Aprilynne said...

hehehehehe maybe he needs a lessons in gems, because he sure isn't one himself - loser loser loser, oops, lost her


AR said...

That really makes me glad that I'm married. hahaha

Teyani said...

thank goodnes you kicked that one to the curb! ho ho ho - keep your standards high girl, in fact, now that you have a list of don'ts, maybe its time for a list of do's !
have you seen the book called The Boyfriend Test? It's hilarious.

JessaLu said...

You go! ;o)

You're bringing back such good memories of '97 & '98 and my 'online dating' fun ;o) I am SO glad that's over, hehehe

kristinknits said...

Oh man! I hear you. Boys can be so clueless.

Anonymous said...

I hope once he was on the curb you kicked him again, just for good measure. ;)

Your One Skein Sp

Momo said...

Yep, no more of that!

Dating-Guru said...


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