Friday, August 04, 2006

Yarn Aboard!

YAEP (Yet Another Exchange Post)

I recently joined Yarn Aboard II exchange hosted by the lovely Amanda of ClothesKnit. This exchange is a little different from the norm. There are several boxes that will be sent from one person to the next until they come back to the original sender. You can only keep the box for 5 days and then you must mail it along to your Yarn Aboard pal downstream.

I joined the sock yarn exchange so I bet you can guess what's in the picture. (If not, I'll tell you later) It's the yarn my pal requested. The colors are a bit unusual, but I think they look great together. I hope my pal thinks so, too. They are amongst her favorites.

I just have to gather together some goodies to pop in along with the yarn. You don't know when the box will come, so you have to be prepared. As a matter of fact, I am auditioning some chocolates right now!


Teyani said...

Arggg matey :-)
I joined that swap also. how fun.. I wonder when it'll be coming my way???
that's some pretty yarn you got for your swap pal!

Teej said...

How neat! I went to the site you linked, but didn't see a place to sign up.. I'm assuming sign ups are over, which makes me sad, but I'll just have to keep an eye out for the next one.

AR said...

Sounds like fun! Pretty yarn.

Momo said...

Teyani - Yohoho, I forgot you were in it, too!

/vm - ugh, yep it's closed. I'll let you know if there's another one though. I found out about it through someone elses blog (comfy bev's).

Thanks, ar!