Tuesday, August 08, 2006

One Skein August

For some reason knitting has been a little stressful for me lately. So I decided to relax and crochet my one skein secret pal project. There's just something about crocheting that's really soothing for me, especially long rows of SC. It's just rhythmic and repetative in a nice, tranquil way.

I'm using Lisa Souza Sock! Merino in Garnet. The colors are really subtle. It's rather like sunshine dapples. I'm loving the way it's looking.

If you're into swapping and scarves, here's one you might enjoy and is still open: Funky Scarf Swap Thanks, Cayli for posting about it!

Yesterday I did 8 rounds in the ring! It was a personal best for me. When I took off my gloves and unwrapped my hands there was skin peeling off two of my knuckles - gross but kinda burly!

I've also been learning this crazy punch combination: jab, cross, jab, cross, hook, cross, step to right, jab, jab, cross, low hook, hook, cross. My trainer calls it the Willie Monroe waltz.


AR said...

My knitting is in a funk right now, too. I have the urge, but I can't seem to get any knitting done. Cute scarf.
A boxer? Cool.

Cayli said...

The scarf is great. I have never mastered crochet. 8 rounds!? You are becoming quite the boxer.

ladylinoleum said...

Funny, for me it's the opposite. Maybe because I am always trying to push the envelope with crochet when designing. Lately it's been hardcore crochet all the time for me. Knitting is my down-time activity.

Your scarf is coolio!

I need to learn how to box.

Anonymous said...

That scarf looks great!!! I am obviously having some knitting issues now, as well. Am making some good progress on your knitted gifts, so hopefully they'll be along in the next few weeks- thanks for being so patient!!
Your one skein SP