Saturday, April 08, 2006

Consolation Prize

Okay, so my ride never showed up for Syracuse. All my plans were shot today and I was mildly pissed off. You know, I really wanted to go. I wanted to support my team, take a look at all the hot boxing guys. Um yeah, I said it. Fighters have the best bodies on earth. Normally that's not my deal, but knowing what goes into it makes me appreciate it a lot more.

So no boxing, no knitting on the ride, no scoping out hot guys. What's a gal to do? She just sobs a couple of times and heads on over to her LYS for her consolation prize.

But she gets her first consolation prize on the way.

Diet ruining yummy cookie that tastes like gramma's. Doh!!

At the yarn shop she ends up with this for her work on project spectrum. Actually, I had a nice time perusing the lace knitting books, squishing yarn and all the normal comforting activities afforded at a LYS. It was a good soothing place to go after disappointment. Plus, while I was wandering around, the perfect felting project came to me. So keep on the look out! Barbara Walker is going to earn her keep and I think I will get this one done lickety split.

Pretty orange galway that felts like a champ. This is going to be a good knit!

And I decided that the last consolation for the day shall be buying yarn for a new project. Tell me folks, I have two patterns that I want to knit. The yarn for each is sitting in my shopping basket at Knit Picks and Elann. Which should I Knit?

Grumperina's Picovili We have project Picovili by Grumperina. I love the way this turned out for April. If I chose this one I will knit it in the cloud color of Shine. Yes it's pretty much the same color as the Grumperina's but I really like it and it will look good on me. I just really love the shaping in this pattern. It's so flattering. Pro = flattering fit Con = miles o'stockinette

High Neck Lace Top from Holiday Vogue 2005
Second is project high neck lace top from Holiday Vogue 2005. I love most of the victoriana patterns in this issue, but this one really stands out to me for it's combination of texture and lovely lace. I could definitely see myself wearing this and I would love to knit it eventhough it does require seeming. The hard part has been finding a yarn that I like, but I decided that Quechua at Elann would do the trick probably in either parchment or charcoal. Pro = Interesting pattern Con = Vogue instruction suck the big one and I will have to seem it

Watcha think? Which project will console me more? ;-)


Teyani said...

Definately Grumperina's Picovilli... the easy of the knit, PLUS great yummy yarn = a happy Miriam ! Pick a yarn that you just adore.. the miles of stockingette and nothing else will soothe the soul.

HOW POOPEY that your ride never showed up. A kick in the butt to them from across the nation..
P>S> Chocolate chip is my all time favorite too.

Aprilynne said...

Personally for a consoling project the more mindless the better, something that lets me zone out if I wanna =)

It stinks that your ride stood you up! >=( I hate when that happens!

Mothlady said...

Hmmm. You've got the body to wear Picovilli, but somehow the Vogue pattern is more your style. But then again long stretches of stockinette _can_ be relaxing :)

Momo said...

Hmmm, perhaps I should just get both? Too naughty!!

Yay, mothlady, you're back from work world!!!

Mara said...

Did you ever end up knitting it? I am almost done and it kicked my butt big time! I'd love to share experiences. This is one verrrry difficult pattern to follow (and I found some small mistakes, or at least some very unclear passages). I have a blog with pictures of it and comments (its in German though).

Anonymous said...

I am also knitting the High Neck Lace Top #23 from Vogue Knitting Holiday 2005 issue. I agree that this pattern (and alas, most Vogue Knitting patterns) contain MANY uncorrected errors.

I wish I had recorded those that I found, to post for others. Did you finish knitting this top? I have completed the front, now are working on the back part.

The error in Row 2 of Front should be corrected to: "K2*k1,(K1,p1,K1) into "made" st of previous row;rep from *, end K2"

I found another error at Chart 2's 6 st-12 row section (chart definitions) for the knot stitch listed as: “(K1,P1,K1) into 1 st, turn, K3tog” this leaves the completed knot stitch on the left needle once you have turned back to the WS to purl the next stitch.

I have two possible “fixes” for this annoying problem:
1. Once turned back to the WS, I slipped the completed knot stitch back to the right needle as if to purl, then purled the next stitch as the pattern calls for. This would be written as “(K1.P1,K1) into 1 st, turn, K3tog, S1 AS IF TO PURL, TURN”.

2. Re-write as: “(K1.P1,K1) into 1 st leaving stiches on right needle (DO NOT TURN-STAY ON WS) re-knit these 3 newly-made stitches as K3tog (by sliding left needle back into all three loops and knitting into it)”

I had considerable trouble binding off the Neck Shaping stitches so that they "flowed" smoothly. Even with slipping the first stitch as suggested in an article by Nicky Epstien, these still twisted and looked lumpy.

One other thing that drove me nuts was that there was NO info or instructions on HOW to bind off both sides at once in the Neck Shaping section, I finally had to bind off on different sides for the right side than I did for the left side, or else my yarn was not in position to go on.

Please post any errors you found, and the fixes you used to knit through the problem areas? Maybe together we can all post corrections to Vogue, so that the next knitter who attempts this very pretty top, doesn't have to struggle through the errors like we did!

Thanks, Candice