Friday, April 21, 2006

Kung Fu Orphan

Dedicated kung fu student seeks teacher.

For a while now I haven't had a kung fu class to go to. The last straw for me came when my teacher came over to help my partner and I in a drill and after showing how to do it on me proceeded to then turn my arm over and force me to the ground with a joint manipulation. My shoulder got wrenched in the process. This was my shoulder that had been giving me problems for months. So much so that for a month or so not too long ago I did everything with my arm tied to my side at my teachers behest. So he knew what delicate should joints I had and just did what he did because... who knows why? If it was uncounscious, then maybe it was just some unconscious need to dominate me and show who's the man or whatever. If it was conscious, then I guess it was some conscious need to dominate or control me. What ever the case, I don't need to geet hurt to satisfy the ego of my kung fu teacher. He's also a psychopathic liar so....

So I haven't been going to a class, but as you have seen I have been doing a little practice in the park. When I first went out there, I had the feeling that this was the way it's supposed to be. Under the sun toes in the grass, there is a real connection to the earth; more chi in the out of doors. So it's quite satisfying. Now my friend comes, too, and we practice together. Some people give us queer looks but that's okay. :-)

Boxing has been really difficult this lately. The coach at my gym was out of town for a week and there were the golden gloves before that so there hasn't been training for about a week and a half. Coming back this this Tuesday, I have been really sore since then and the workouts have been crazy intense. The trainer says that I have really improved though. Woohoo!

Vintage, Israeli, crocheted shawl from the 60's.

And something came in the mail for me. It's a vintage crocheted shawl that my great friend in Israel sent me (along with other goodies). How timely is this piece? It makes a great comparison to the cover of interweave Crochet, don't you think so?


Mothlady said...

What kind of a "teacher" would do a thing like that? :O Good riddance, I say.

The shawl is gorgeous! You always have great pictures in your blog, what kind of a camera do you have? I really liked the "This week in pictures" post.

Bev said...

Fabulous shawl Miriam, what a great friend!

As for your teacher, is this the same guy who began dating a student back in February thus rubbing it in the nose of her ex who was also in the class. Sounds like low ethical standards to me.

Teyani said...

So delighted to hear that you have LEFT that masochistic manipulator. You deserve better!
What a beautiful shawl. It's spooky how close it is to the Interweave Crochet cover isn't it?

Aprilynne said...

A good shin kicking is what that guy needs. what a freak

Cool vintage crochet score! =)

Larjmarj said...

A good teacher would NOT pull a stunt like that. Jack a@@! Take care of that shoulder.

Momo said...

Thanks for the support :-) I truly feel a lot better with this person out of my life. Not to mention that I haven't been injured since.

Latoya said...

hmmm...ways to get back at one's teacher? Smile.
Sorry to hear about your arm. WTF?!
I wish I was there to practice with you guys in the park. Sounds awesome! I don't seem to have friends that are interested in this the way that I am.
Happy healing!
Knit on!