Monday, April 03, 2006

Vintage Rose and Hydrangea

I started last night with the color your own fingering skein from Knit Picks and some koolaid.

The plan was to make self striping yarn in a less cotton-candy-kiddy-colorway than koolaid dying usually turns out.

Overdying takes care of the unwanted cotton-candy effect and helps to make a very tangled mess. Ahem! (you really don't want to know how long I spent untangling it all)

Here's the skein drip-drying in the shower. As I was winding it, the colors reminded me of a vintage scarf that I love. It's cream with lovely roses on it. I also thought of hydrangeas. So that's what I cam calling it. I had to use a flash for this photo so some of the colors aren't representative. Hopefully it will be dry soon and I can take a nice skeined-up shot.

On the crochet front, I have finished two projects and one is almost complete. Here is a shot of the one I did last weekend. It's a hybrid of a scarf that I have been wanting to make and a twirly whirly scarf that just came off the hook. I made it out of Peaches'n Cream. So the cost was less than $3 and it really only used a pinch of the second skein. It's great for spring.


Aprilynne said...

Cool! I was eyeing that stuff as I was making my last Knit Picks order. Maybe next time =) Can't wait to see how it looks up close =)

Teyani said...

Dyeing yarn and fiber is always a grand adventure - so glad you had fun playing!

flybabytina said...

Oooo I really love this skinny scarf! Do you have a pattern for it? Or even just a basic idea of how you made it? It is a perfect spring scarf!!!!!