Friday, April 14, 2006

This week in pictures


I went fishing at Ithaca Falls with children from my program. I did a little line tying, but mostly hunted for fossils.


Spring is finally here and I did some flower watching


Me knitting. It's not in motion 'cause no one was around to take a photo for me. I typically knit in my sweats which is what I am wearing here and slippers or sandals. I always knit contintal for stockinette in the round, although right before this I experimented with left-handed purling.

Progress on the buttonhole bag. It's almost as big as a sweater.


Happy Hour!

This weekend?

A scarf for Mother's Day


Aprilynne said...

cool idea! great photos as always! =) awesome polish on the toes, btw

Bev said...

Really lovely photos. I'm particularly impressed by the contrast you got on Tuesday's pic.

Teyani said...

What cool photos ! - Love the pic of you knitting outside - sweatshirt sleeves, and bright colored tootsies :-)
And is that a lace apttern YOU wrote? I'm impressed!
K and I were trying to guess which falls those were.

Momo said...

Thanks, April! Once spring hits I bust out the polish :)

Thank you, Bev :-) I think I got lucky.

Teyani, I wish I could write my own lace patterns. Alas, I just made some charts to put together for the scarf. I am ending up only using one though.