Saturday, April 01, 2006

Transition to April: Project Spectrum - and - Kung fu in the Park

project spectrum So I was poking around on some blogs the other day and clicked a link to Lolly's Project Spectrum page. I had heard about this project but didn't really know what it was about, just that there was some "thing" for red going around the knitblogosphere. In any event, I enjoyed reading some of Lolly's views on art and the rest of the day I noticed all the red around me. Since I am all for activities that increase my awareness of my environment, I decided that I would join in.

gerboa daisy center I wanted to start out with a transition from last month's colors of red and pink into this month's colors of yellow and orange.

Lily petal I wanted to start out by looking back at photos that I aleady had to see how those two colors played a roll in their composition.

daisies I wanted this experience to help make me mindful of yellow and orange in my present environment so that the next set of pictures might be about what I see today.

We have had a pretty glorious week here in Ithaca and it seemed to answer my prayer for a little warm weather. I am finally feeling well eventhough I haven't sounded really well, and I was able to start exercising again. In fact, I was in the park yesterday with my friend doing kung fu. It was awesome to feel the sun on my back and the breeze coming off the lake. We did a little bit of forms and then combat. And then we took some silly pictures.

Miriam wants to be able to bring her leg right up to her head like Stephen Chow in Shaolin Soccer


Aprilynne said...

what a clever idea - transition spectrum! =) great pics!

Glad to hear you are feeling better enough to do vertical splits! My goodness! <=P lol

You look like you are feeling happy =)

kristinknits said...

I like the transition photos. Isn't PS fun? : )

Teyani said...

Love the pic of you ! Looks like you are in such great shape :-)
I cannot believe that in Ithaca the weather is so glorious!!! wow! I hope it stays that wonderful for when we visit in July. ho ho ho ho
Your photos are beautiful - thanks.

Latoya said...

Can't wait to see what you're going to be knitting for the Project.
Knit on!