Sunday, April 30, 2006

Up and Down

This past week was rather hard to sit down and blog about. It was all over the map and I was super busy.

There were some things that were really nice. I got my second set of stitch markers from Angela and a cool card that she made. Aren't they cute? They will be fantastic once I start up my mom's lace scarf again. I didn't have any small markers before and these will be useful for my next and hopefully last version of the darn thing.

Homemade card from Angela!
Cute stitch markers!

At work we suprised the kids on Thursday by having a prom. All the staff dressed up for a formal, but with a tacky twist to keep it amusing. It was a complete secret so when the kids came and saw us they were nearly hysterical. For arts and crafts I had them make fake flower coursages and ties. For snack we added a prom punch and we opened up the gym for a dance/play party. It was really cute. Afterwards we went out to the local tavern still all dressed up and had great time knocking a few back.

I wanted to find a poofy sleeved, poofy skirted, foofy dress with a big bow on it somewhere. Deb's from Napolean Dynamite would have been perfect. But the Salvation Army thrift shop was clean out of 80's prom dresses. So I ended up wearing a bridesmaid dress I had from a wedding which was a little too tasteful for the event. So I tried to tone it up a with some plastic ice from the dollar store orange gloves and a ginourmous orange lilly for my hair.

Knitting was nice this week, too. We had a Sip and Stitch at a winery just up the road yesterday. The turnout wasn't high as it was rather last minute -my fault- but it was so relaxing and gorgeous. The winery has a back porch that catches all the afternoon sunshine and it was a warm and lovely day yesterday. We just sat there, sipped and knit. Ah, lazy, lovely Sundays.

And just to up my knitting content a little bit I have a photo of one of my UFO's. It's a bag that I was working on for my gift elf last holiday season, but it just wouldn't turn out right. The body felted beautifully, but the strap was a nightmare. I did major surgery on it several times, but it just wouldn't come together. So I got it out the other day to see if there was something I could do with it. What I ended up doing was cutting out the strap and cutting off the top. I'm still a little clueless about what to do, but I feel like something will come to me soon.

We've got another suprise planned for the kids this week which means I've got to get off bum and get another costume together!


Jess said...

Hi again :o) I know that you are most likely not looking for relationship advice and this is *not* advice, just a 'I've been there and this is what I did' kinda thing...

I was in a relationship with a self-centered person for 7 years, and for all 7 I went through self-doubt (why isn't he interested in me for me), self-torture (he's not really cheating, etc.) and other lovely feelings that pretty much centered around me losing self-esteem on a daily basis. We broke up three times, the third time I told him this was it, if he left me I'd never take him back (notice I said if 'he' left 'me' - I let the bastard run the relationship from the start. *BIG* mistake) and I meant it (he broke up with me the same day I got fired - the ass). I never took him back - and you know what? I'm a million times better for it. It sucks to be alone and it sucks to have to say it's not working out but you have to know that there is someone out there that is willing to be and probably already is the person you need to be with. Your knitting friend is absolutely right, btw. If this guy isn't willing to give you 100% of himself 100% of the time then he's not worth you giving him 200% of yourself 200% of the time to make up for his slacking.

Now go ahead and tell me to shut up and mind my own beeswax ;o) (sorry for the book)

Momo said...

Jess, thanks for minding my beeswax. Really, I appreciate the time you took to write that out. I'll take what you said to heart. Sometimes I think I need a little bit more heart. But you know what? In many ways, right now I feel like I have the most self esteem that I have ever had. hmmm...

Bev said...

I want to ditto everything Jess said. Hang in there.

As for the VERY beutiful felted bag. Wooden or bamboo handles would look lovely with it and could be sewn in relatively painlessly. Or consider a felted i-cord strap in the contrast colors.

Teyani said...

Your "costume" sounds like it was great! wish we'd had pictures!!
As far as relationships go... you know, just enjoy yourself. Italy sounds amazing. There are very very few permanent mistakes in life - everything can change and grow.. so for now, just play and enjoy!.. and the only "advice" per say, is that " If you don't know what to do, do nothing at all"...
big hugs